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  • Juni 26, 2019 3 min lesen.

    Ah, Australia. The large island at the bottom of the globe, miles away from anywhere, and home to folks who love to shop online.

    But as anyone who has tried to purchase home decor or other goodies from elsewhere and have it shipped to Australia would know, we totally get the raw end of the deal down here.

    You know that’s gonna fall apart in two weeks, right?

    A hell of a lot of accessories and homewares available online are honestly just nasty, cheaply-made, mass-produced factory crap. Oh, they take a good photo, that’s for sure, but by the time it’s in your hot little hand, you can see just how unprofessionally it’s been assembled. Seams don’t match, colours are off, everything looks slap-dash and uncared for. And you just paid money for that!

    Often on the quest to decorate our homes on a budget, we’re not buying quality. And when you don’t buy quality, you get something that falls apart when you so much as look at it.

    Ever been one of those people swayed by slick marketing and laid down cash for an overseas item that seems too good to be true? It’s not so fun to open that package and find not the gorgeous rug or stylish bag you ordered for a total steal, but instead find you’ve been sent a poorly-made $2 shop Nike cap. It happens. Sometimes what we think we’re getting isn’t always what arrives.

    If you purchase questionable goods from far away places, you’re more than likely buying something made with sweatshop labour and cheap materials that cost the earth - and the folks who make it - far more than you realise.

    Same same, and NOT different

    Okay, so you’re keen on buying quality - very good, we approve - but trends are a very real thing. By the time you’ve looked at the fourth or fifth website, you’ve seen the same items over and over again.

    It can be hard to find unique homewares that don’t cost a bundle and that ship from within Australia. A browse brings up nothing interesting, nothing just right. There’s so much samey-samey homewares out there that a bit of digging is called for.

    Who’s got months to wait for their item to arrive?

    Can we talk about delivery times? Can we? As far as the rest of the world is concerned, Australia may as well be on the moon. Between three and six months shipping time is not uncommon. Sure you can pay more to have it expedited, but that leads us to our next point:

    Are you kidding me with these postage costs?!

    Shipping to Australia is so damn expensive. Often you fill your cart only to find shipping will cost the same or more than what the total of your items is! It’s criminal.

    So many abandoned carts online, lamps gone un-bought, baskets lost in limbo. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could purchase exotic goods that are just right for your home (and at a price that you love) that someone else has already shipped to Australia and will now send to you? Yes, that’d be super!

    So where do you go for quality home decor items right here in Australia? We’re so glad you asked! 

    Hi. We’re Temples and Markets. We have beautiful, quality, ethically-made home decor and accessories sourced from all around S.E Asia that you can buy online, and that we ship from right here in Australia.

    Here, take a look. We have straw bags, a bevy of men’s accessories, and gorgeous kitchen goods.

    Resort-style decor your thing? We’ve got that, too! Accessories for the ladies. Bowls. Boxes. Buddhas. Come have a look, we bet you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

    Grab a cuppa and browse our beautiful goods here at Temples and Markets.

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