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Eugenie Darge

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When you visit Vietnam and browse the gorgeous concept stores showcasing local design in Hanoi or Saigon, such as TanmyDesign or Collective Memory, Gingko or Saigon Kitsch, you will most likely be stopped in your tracks by the designs of Eugenie Darge. 

Eugenie Darge is a collection of unique and colourful printed homewares and accessories inspired by Vietnamese culture, and especially by the women of Vietnam.  The prints are characterised by bold colours, vintage and very feminine spirited textile collections.

Eugenie is a French designer who started to create her prints in Saigon in 2011, through revisiting old vintage photographs from the early 1900s period with bright colours and pop art style. 

Eugenie says "In a photo, I like to highlight what is more touching: a smile, a position, a detail." She then broadened her collection with beautiful ethnic portraits of women of the Vietnam minorities.

From 2014, she partnered with Caroline, another French creative living in Vietnam and inspired by the country and its people, and together they developed new designs and products that you'll see here. 

All products are printed at local Vietnamese printing companies and sewed by artisans in small workshops. Ethically Produced Homewares and Fashion Accessories that bring back the memories of travelling through the spell binding country that is Vietnam

We're absolutely thrilled to be showcasing Eugenie Darge online and to be the online retailer for this renowned brand from Vietnam.

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