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    Temples and Markets Luang Prabang Laos

    Temples and Markets is an online curated store showcasing unique and gorgeous Home Decor, Jewellery, Bags and Fashion Accessories ethically sourced from Social Enterprises, designers and artisans in South East Asia.

    Our Story Is Their Story

    We're all about telling the stories of the products featured in store, and the people who made them. There is a growing worldwide movement and interest in empowering equality through social enterprise.  We believe in social entrepreneurship.  We believe in promoting quality artisan craftsmanship.  We believe in telling the stories of the products and the men and women behind their creation.  We believe in empowering you to fill your home and wardrobe with fabulous, high quality items from genuine craftspeople - without contributing to social inequality in South East Asia. We are proud to be part of this movement and that's why we strive to only showcase ethically produced handcrafted products. We are on a mission to make a tangible difference to the lives of the Artisans who hand make the Bags, Jewellery or Decor you'll find in store.  We work with Social Enterprise organisations to bring beautiful finds to Australia.

    Every product is as unique as the person who handcrafted it.

    Temples and Markets has been personally and lovingly curated by Judith Treanor and is the result of her many years of travel in South East Asia. It's the result of knowing the local social enterprises personally and understanding the powerful impact they have on the lives of their craftsmen and women. 

    Our story is a story of empowerment, told in beautiful, individual pieces.

    Vietnamese beach scene - fishing boats

                                       TRAVEL CHANGES LIVES


     Judith Treanor, Founder of Temples and Markets, is a Sydney based mum who has enjoyed holidaying, shopping and eating her way through South East Asia since 1997. Judith Treanor is addicted to the buzz of the night markets, the serenity of a resort spa and the heat of the food. She loves the contrasts - a visit to an ancient peaceful temple followed by a ride in a tuk-tuk through noisy bustling streets. 



    Thai Buddhist Temple

    Judith has grown accustomed to the humidity and the afternoon showers; swimming in the crystal clear waters of some of the world's most beautiful beaches always brings cooling relief. She loves the smells of lemongrass and frangipani and the tastes of hot curries and tropical fruit. She loves eating soup for breakfast and satay sticks by a pool.


    Hot Thai Soup

    But most of all Judith loves the creativity and talent that is inherent in so many of the people she meets on her travels - the artisan who hand stitches her leather handbags or the designer who drills through seeds to make a necklace. Judith works directly with Social Enterprise organisations to ensure that every piece is ethically sourced and helps change the lives of the artisan producer.


    These are the people who have generously shared their stories with her, many of whom have come from very little and have become part of successful enterprises. These are the people who use their local resources and traditional crafts to produce modern and sophisticated designs. These are people who provide employment to the disadvantaged and are improving the lives of their local communities. These are people who amaze Judith time and again with their creativity. Judith believes it is the people you meet who make a holiday. She is thrilled to be able to share their stories and their creations with you.


    Judith Treanor Founder of online curated store Temples and Markets

    Originating from the UK I spent several years working in the Buying and Merchandising departments of House of Fraser, Harrods and Debenhams; essentially I’ve been sourcing suppliers and product for over 25 years. 

    In 1997 I left England as a slightly older than average backpacker to explore the world before settling in Australia for good. It was during those travels that South East Asia found its special place in my heart and has never left.

    In recent years I had my own award winning Interior Design and Renovation Company and have always favoured Asian tropical and resort design over any other form.  When holidaying I can’t go past those destinations in South East Asia that stole my heart all those years ago. Is it the people, the luxurious resorts, the shopping, the beaches, the food, the history and architecture that enthrals me each time? Of course it is a combination of all these things and more.

    What struck me during my travel in South East Asia is how many wonderful things I'd stumble upon that I could never find in Australia. Back in Sydney my purchases frequently attracted the question “where did you buy that?”


    The Traveller's Story Should Never End in Buyer's Regret!

    What also struck me when I returned from travelling is the affliction I suffered which I have named ‘Buyer Regret’; it’s the feeling that I could have bought so much more and has been left reminiscing about those things I left behind. Temples and Markets was borne out of this Buyer Regret. 

    I am so thrilled that nowadays, when I travel back to the region I love, I am there to bring back my special finds for Temples and Markets.  I am passionate about only sourcing beautiful things from social enterprises and genuine artisans found in the temples and markets of South East Asia.  

    Hoi An Lanterns Old Town


    My love of South East Asia is showcased through Temples and Markets. The E-store's unique items have been personally sourced from Designers, Artisans or Social Enterprises that I have met and I hope they evoke the wonder and excitement we all experience when we travel to Asia. Every product has a story and each is as unique as the person who made them.


    When browsing Temples and Markets I hope you remember all that is magical about South East Asian travel: the tastes, the smells of lemongrass and lotus; the contradictions that is shopping at a noisy exciting market followed by the relaxation felt at a resort spa. And if you haven't yet experienced the wonder that is travelling in South East Asia I want Temples and Markets to evoke your senses of being there - the sights, sounds and smells - from the comfort of the chair you are sitting on right now.
    I want you to be unique. And I want you to immerse yourself in the wonder of S.E Asia through the stories we tell here of the people who make the products in store.
    I want your friends to ask “where did you get that?” and for them and you to become part of the Temples and Markets story.


    Bring back the memories. Travel in Bangkok by Tuk Tuk


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