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Analog Cufflinks - Cool Cufflinks For Men With Style


Since Covid resulted in the work from home, and hybrid work phenomenon, ties are out. BUT Cufflinks are definitely in!

Analog Cufflinks are the creation of Singapore jewellery designer Elaine Tan and are lovingly designed and handmade using non toxic resin and eco-materials. Tan's reputation for designing luxury, unique gifts for guys with style makes her "one of a kind" men's cufflink the perfect choice.

Elaine Tan - Singapore Jewellery Designer

Elaine Tan studied fashion marketing at Raffles Design Institute and completed her masters in fashion branding at Istituto Marangoni (London). She undertook a summer course in jewellery making at Central Saint Martins – University of the Arts London, where her interest in resin jewellery making was sparked.

Having worked full-time in branding for 3 years, she finally decided to quit her job and put her passion to serious business. She now focuses on her jewellery label full-time, and continues to explore and experiment with new and old methods in design and production.  Her cufflinks for men with style have gained her global recognition.  As collectors pieces, the make the perfect gift for guys.

Uniquely Cool Cufflinks

Every piece is made by hand from scratch, no two are alike - giving each piece its own unique character.

Elaine believes in using non-precious materials (of little or no value), so as to draw attention to ideas, design and form.

Analog Cufflinks was born out of a desire to let gentleman wear what reflects them as individuals. It’s about being able to wear a shade, hue or symbol that they love on their sleeves to express their own personalities.

Whether you'd like the perfect accent for your french cuffs, or the ultimate present for a gentleman - think Groomsmen Gifts, Birthday, Father's Day and Christmas -  Analog Cufflinks are thoughtfully crafted from quality materials and are available here in a myriad of delightful colour combinations. 


Analog cufflinks colour paletteanalog cufflinks colours and choice handmade studioAnalog handmade resin cufflinks studio - waiting to be filledAnalog handmade cufflinks awaiting colour fill in the studio Singapore designer


Men's cufflinks, like a woman's necklace, should reflect who he is.  Elaine Tan makes cufflinks for men with unique style.