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CUSHnART’s creator, filmmaker Selene Alcock, became a Designer and Product Maker by happy accident. Australian born, Selene has called Vietnam home since 2005.

When her Japanese partner Hirofumi Kadota started a boutique printing and sewing workshop in Vietnam in 2012 (New Revolution Co. Ltd), she began experimenting with abstract images and turning them into cushion covers.

The result was CUSHnART.

CUSHnART products are Boutique and Edgy. There is an East meets West philosophy here and Selene brings her uniquely Western lens and artistic Traveller Soul to her Designs. She plays with patterns, motifs and textures. Whether it’s transforming oriental and traditional motifs into modern home wares; reviving colonial and vintage designs into hip accessories; or turning images of distressed and textured street facades into high fashion, CUSHnART will always reinvent and surprise. 

When you buy a CUSHnART product, you’re not only buying the story of Selene’s quirky vision and passion but also her commitment to Socially Ethical Business Practices.  


Selene is dedicated to developing original designs, as well as ensuring top quality production and quality control processes. She regularly visits partner factories and suppliers and aims to source high quality and ethical materials, including eco-solvent, toxic free inks from Japan. 

CUSHnART strives to grow their business with the same integrity and honesty used to craft their products, offering a safe and transparent workplace. Selene cares about her workers and their quality of life. Every product you purchase supports the worker who made it.

From Home Decor to Bags and Accessories there is something distinctive about a CUSHnART product. Each piece exhibits traditional Asian inspiration while simultaneously displaying a contemporary edge. 


CUSHnART’s products have featured in fashion and home décor magazines in Vietnam including Elle Décor, and Selene has been interviewed twice for television, including by top model and TV presenter, Phuong Mai. 


Selene has also participated for the past two years with the Kelley School of Business’s Globase Program (Indiana, USA) that supports the growth and development of enterprises with socially ethical business practices in key developing nations. 

Selene is pictured here with Temples and Markets Founder Judith.