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  • Juni 14, 2019 2 min lesen.

    OK, is anyone else OBSESSED with their clutch bag collection? Move over shoes, clutch bags are where it’s at. They’re affordable and versatile. They make the ultimate statement with your outfit and often they are the key piece that makes your ensemble work. Clutches are the ‘IT’ bag for 2019. Why am I so obsessed with the clutch? Here are some reasons why the clutch is my new go-to bag.

    Clutch bags hold the essentials

    Did anyone else look forward to the day they could ditch their baby bag? I could not wait. My poor shoulders couldn’t wait either. No more carting around spare clothes, nappies, lotions, bottles, snacks and wipes – actually the wipes are still there, but they’ve downsized to the hand wipe instead. What I love about the clutch is it is the ideal size to hold my purse, mobile phone, keys, a tissue or two and wipes. It’s easy to grab as I head out the door with all the essentials included.

    Clutch bags keep your handbag organised

    For those days where I need a bigger bag, my clutch is used as a compartment in my handbag. If you still prefer to carry all the things or you’re still in that baby bag phase, this tip will work for you, too. It will compartmentalise your essentials from everything else you lug around. Clutches are also ideal for holding necessities like make-up, Panadol and band-aids – all your personal effects that are drawn on during an emergency.

    Clutch bags are versatile

    The clutch bag is versatile. No longer just a handheld bag, many come with straps so you can carry them across your body or over your shoulder. Some clutches also have a wristlet, which allows for the clutch to hang from your wrist. I choose clutch bags with these extra accessories for ease of wear.

    Clutch bags come in all the colours and textures

    Like shoes, clutches can come in all colours, sizes and textures. Be still my beating heart, the animal print or glitter purse (which can be used as a clutch). Hold me, the kimono fold over clutch or leather clutch with a one-of-a kind look that allows me to fit more things in! I love having a unique clutch to draw on for those events I need a bit of something to lift my outfit.

    As you can see, the clutch is the ultimate fashion collectible. They’re stylish, affordable and let’s face it, you can never have too many!

    Start your clutch bag collection today! Browse the Temples and Markets range of clutches

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