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  • Juli 15, 2019 2 min lesen.

    Drawing on inspiration from far off lands and eclectic treasures collected from world travels, Boho style home decor has a way of transforming a space, evoking emotion and bringing people together through stories and conversation. Although this style is casual and carefree, it still requires thoughtful planning and discerning taste in order to pull it off well. Choose carefully curated Boho style homewares from  Temples and Markets to create a room that is sure to impress!

    Say goodbye to cheap knock offs and hello to beautiful Boho decor 

    Cheaply made Bohemian inspired accessories won’t make the cut when aiming to create a luxurious, rich and inviting space. Instead, choose uniquely handcrafted and ethically sourced items that will inject an authentic bohemian aesthetic into your home. Textures, patterns and bold colours are a fabulous way to start as they add a great deal of visual impact to a space. Add a touch of worldly charm with these gorgeous cushion covers that can’t be found in cheap department stores. Inspired by Eastern cultures, the warm tones found in this Red Lantern cushion cover will spice up any space and blend seamlessly with both vintage and contemporary furnishings. Quality made cushions allow for creative expression and give you free reign to mix and match to combine geometrical patterns, florals and everything in between, all in the same space.


    Create a chic Boho kitchen with key pieces that pack a punch 

    Whether your kitchen is full of old-world charm or is crisp and modern, adding in texture and layers can create a colourful palette that engages the eyes as soon as you walk into the room. A crisp, white kitchen is the perfect backdrop for these Eugenie Darge Vintage Placemats and matching vintage inspired table runners. Inspired by old Vietnamese cement tiles, these pieces demand attention and add a beautiful pop of colour to a space. These Splash Paint placemats also offer a nod to the colours of Vietnam, taking inspiration from an accidental splash of colourful paints on the back of a Vietnamese fishing boat. By selecting unique, quality-crafted decor items, each with their own story to tell, your home will look Boho chic in no time!

    Select signature accessories that really make a statement 

    Perhaps the biggest misconception about Boho style home decor is that it always looks messy and just thrown together. However, when the right pieces are carefully chosen, it’s easy to achieve a refined, sophisticated and harmonious Bohemian aesthetic. Whether it’s through art, furniture or textiles, mixing metals, natural elements and warm, earthy tones can help create a more subtle and elegant Boho vibe. Simple elements - like this serene  Buddha Figurine - have a way of injecting intrigue and mystique into a space and invite guests to let their imaginations wander. Likewise, statement pieces like this decorative hanging basket and cowhide folding stool make a big impact while at the same time complementing a variety of different décor aesthetics.   

    To up your style game, browse Temples and Markets complete collection to find the perfect pieces for infusing Boho style home décor into your space today!

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