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Linen Tea Towels

Welcome to our collection of beautiful linen tea towels.  Like all the products on Temples and Markets our tea towel collection is ethically sourced, artisan crafted and just the kind of statement piece you won't find in your average Australian shop.  We believe in finding joy, and enjoying memories, whatever you're doing - even if it's drying dishes!

About our 100% Natural Linen Tea Towel Collection

Machine washable (because not one person wants to hand wash a tea towel) and from the signature collection by home wares designer Eugenie Darge, these lovely tea towels are the perfect items to keep for special dinner occasions - because there's nothing worse than serving up a five star meal with a grotty tea towel!

Our Ethically Sourced Homewares

There's nothing like the flavours and aromas of Asian cookery.  When your home is a sensory feast of lemongrass and coriander, coconut and ginger, garlic and chilli, we bring you the authentic dining wear of Asia's leading restaurants - to immerse you in your memories and senses.

Our Eugenie Darge collection and our full homewares collection includes table runners, lacquerware, decorative bowls, bamboo tableware, naperyand other beautiful kitchen and dining wear so you can redesign your dinner party styling and create a resort inspired feel for every meal.  Bring Asia home.