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Angkor Bullet Jewellery Cambodia

Angkor Bullet Jewellery is a group of home-based artisans who reside in a small community around 30 minutes from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. 

At the centre of the Network is a special man, Jewellery Production Manager Chanta Theoun. Orphaned during the horror days of the Khmer Rouge, Chanta was taken care of by the Skip Organisation/Orphanage Centre and it was there that he began learning the fine art of jewellery creation. Fast forward to present and Chanta has a family of his own, is now a talented designer and craftsman and his wife creates beautiful jewellery too. Chantha particularly enjoys the freedom to look after his children that working from home gives him.  

Angelina Jolie Angkor Bullet Jewellery

Angkor Bullet Jewellery produces unique jewellery pieces that have been fashioned from recycled bullet casings remaining from the days of war. The metal from the casing is melted down and sculptured into the works of art featured in this collection. From horror comes resilience, strength and incredible beauty.

In February 2022 Angelina Jolie, closely connected to Cambodia for a long time now, visited the Angkor Bullet workshop. That's a very special advocate for Chantha's creations.

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