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Sasas Boutique

Sa Timms' Sasas Boutique is a Bangkok based bag brand, showcasing basket bags handwoven from sustainable water hyacinth in the Phayao district of Northern Thailand. 

What was once thought of as a weed is now a viable material used in the basket bags you see in this collection, and one that provides a stable and occupation and income for many many village artisans. 

Sa returned to Thailand after living in Hong Kong for 10 years. On a visit to see family in Phayao, she saw how members of her family were hand weaving water hyacinth basket bags and she set up a business that enabled her to showcase these creations around the world. Sa says 

"Phayao is a province in North Thailand mostly unknown to outsiders so I am very proud and honoured to represent my home province and my family. My dream is to share these products around the world." 

Phayao is a picturesque Northern Thai town, located by a shimmering lake (known as Kwan Phayao) about 3 hours from Chiang Mai.  Pictured: national park behind the rice fields; the area gets a lot of rain keeping the temperature cool throughout the year.

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