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Washable Paper Bags by Pretty Simple Bags

Pretty Simple Eco-friendly washable paper bags




As the Ethical Shopping Movement grows around the world, conscious consumers are looking for new eco-friendly products that are both stylish and fashionable, but kind to the environment.

Pretty Simple Bags is a duo of two creative Vietnam based ladies who design and ethically produce this gorgeous range of eco-friendly Bags that look as though they could be leather, but are actually crafted from washable paper. Sustainable, Stylish and Awe Inspiring. They may be called Pretty Simple Bags but in reality the idea and the designs are anything but.

Washable paper is made of biodegradable fibres, made up of strands of cellulose combined with organic latex, that are lightweight and greatly resistant to tears. The cellulose comes from specially farmed trees. This process has been approved by the FSC. After the combination of the cellulose strands and the latex, the product is tanned, with a procedure analogous to that involved in the tanning of leather. This tanning is what gives the washable paper its weathered leathery appearance. 

Washable paper

 These stunning Washable Paper Bags are crafted from material that 

• is lightweight
• can be washed, which means all marks and stains that impinge on it can be removed. 
• is biodegradable
• is a natural material

Shugi and Ella are the two special women behind Pretty Simple Bags. They originate from different parts of the world but formed a close connection through the passion they both have for crafts and design. Shugi comes from Vietnam and Ella is from Israel. Ella moved to Vietnam, met Shugi and the rest, as they say, is history.  

Ella and Shugi's washable paper bags are designed with followers of an eco- or vegan- conscious lifestyle in mind. However anybody who appreciates smart ideas and minimalist design will inevitably fall in love with the bags in this collection.

Pretty Simple Bags are crafted in a small workshop in the heart of crowded Ho Chi Minh City. Nam, Ella and Shugi's maker, has 7 years of experience in patterning, cutting and sewing bags. A very creative and hardworking man, Nam always shares his advice and guides the design and prototype process for new pieces. 

Pretty Simple Bags being madeSewing Washable Paper into bags