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Boho Gifts for Her

She loves Boho.  She loves the style and the substance.  Boho is a lifestyle, and we bring your authentic, ethical bohemian gifts for women. The Bohemian lifestyle is the lifestyle of a wanderer.  A traveller.  An artist.  Bohemian culture born in France and The Czech Republic took root amongst the artists and craftspeople of South East Asia.  We bring you a selection of beautiful gifts for women who embrace Boho counter-culture, who love the arts, to travel and to lead a life more creative.

Empowerment, no Appropriation - Ethical Boho Gifts For Women

We've all seen the Boho no-nos at the big chain stores. Bohemian living is about cultural empowerment, not cultural appropriation. We bring you a collection of authentic, artisan Boho jewellery and gifts made by authentic Batik weavers, traditional jewellery makers and artisan designers.  Our craftspeople share their traditional methods with the Boho community.  You won't find tacky, mass produced appropriations of Asian Boho culture here.  We believe in empowering communities and keeping traditional crafts alive.

Highlights from our Boho Women's Collection

Our Seed Jewellery range by Graines de Cambodge or Brass Bullet Jewellery tell the story of artisan crafts people.  Authentic Batik shrugs (scarves)and bags make a perfect Boho gifts for women.