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Ethnic Mix Striped Cushion Cover
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We're completely in love with this striking Tri-coloured Hemp Cushion Cover featuring Stripes, Checks and an Appliqué motif

Will transform the look of your Bed or Sofa with its nautical style

  • Decorated with the symbolic Ram’s horn motif, representing Wisdom for the Hmong People
  • Blends traditional motifs with a modern-day eye for form and elegant simplicity
  • Rich vermillion tones are achieved from natural dyes made from a mix of "cu nau" (a type of tuber) with the "rau ram" herb
  • Highlights the “reverse appliqué” embroidery method, a specialty of the Hmong in Ha Giang. The top layer of fabric is skillfully cut to expose a layer of fabric underneath, which forms the visible Ram’s horn pattern.
  • Charcoal and Natural Stripe with Red 
  • 45x45cm
  • Zips Up at the back

    Hand crafted by Hmong People Artisans Ha Giang Province, Province

    Ships from Sydney, Australia 


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