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  • September 03, 2020 3 min lesen. 4 Kommentare

    After a long day of working, it’s always nice to kick back and feel the serenity of your own home. A quiet moment of just being at peace can do a lot for your mental health. To make sure you have set up your home into a sanctuary, little details play a big role, and one of the things that can turn a regular house into a place of zen is a Buddha.

    A Buddha represents a sense of calmness and tranquility in a home. This is the main reason why you’ll find these serene accessories in many exotic homes. When it comes to Feng Shui, Buddha figurines are also regarded to bring chi or positive energy into any room. 

    What type of Buddha should I get?

    Most Feng Shui experts believe that the bigger Buddha, the more good luck it can bring. If you’re not really sure what to get at this point, you’ll definitely find something that will suit not only your style and taste but also the kind of vibe you want to bring into your space at Temples and Markets.  You can buy Buddha statues through its carefully curated collection, from Resin Sitting Buddha in different colors to Mango Wood Buddha Head, which is made of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. 

    Where should I place my Buddha statue?

    By itself, a Buddha statue will always be considered synonymous with peace and fortune as it has been through many years. But you have to know exactly how to reap its benefits. So, to ensure that only positive energy flows through your home, here are 7 of the best places to place the statue

    1. Let the statue face the entrance door

    Our first stop is the entrance. It is, after all, the first thing we see at home. Place a protection Buddha statue in a place where it faces the front door of your home to attract chi or positive energy as soon as you enter your house. It is also believed to repel any negative force or energy that wants to get inside your home. We recommend placing the decor atop a cabinet or console that’s around three feet high. Do not place your Buddha on the floor. 

    2. Place one in the living room 

    Create a positive and welcoming aura, especially when you have guests, by placing a Laughing Buddha on a high shelf. It will be a conversation-starter for sure.

    Smiling Blue Buddha


    3. Set it in the garden

    If you find gardens to add a relaxation effect for your home, then you may want to add another soothing feel with a Buddha around. When shopping for Buddhas, find a statue that is set in a reclining or meditating position. The ideal place would be in the corner of your garden.

    4. Place the Buddha in an altar

    Most Buddhist homes place this piece in a prayer room or at least an altar as this is a place where they can meditate and pray as earnestly as they can, free from any external disturbance. Place a Mango Wood Fluora Buddha Head in a quiet corner at home, somewhere that is not too busy so you can fully collect yourself in its presence. 

    Mango Wood Fluro Buddha Head


    5. Allow positive energy in your home office

    If you want to bring success and prosperity for your business, learn what Buddha poses and gestures will give you the full benefit and place it in your home office or workspace. You can start with a small one and set it on your desk. 

    6. Position it in your yoga room

    When placed in a dedicated place where you do your yoga or meditation exercises, a Buddha statue will bring you that added positive energy to boost your mood and maintain your balance. Make sure that you keep the figurine within your eye level so you can easily see it even when you’re in a seating position. 

    7. Set it in your children’s study room

    If you do some research, you’ll find that there are actually different Buddhas and their meanings.  This coveted piece can vary from one statue to another, including attracting academic achievement. To help achieve your child’s academic goals, place a small one on the study desk. 

    With a Buddha around, you’ll be able to encourage positivity into your home, along with your own hard work, patience, and perseverance. 

    4 Antworten


    Februar 20, 2023

    I have a few buddha but I have a large buddha he is the laughing one where do I put him in my home

    June Simpson
    June Simpson

    Februar 16, 2023

    please can you assist. I had a lovely Buddha which my husband and I purchased in Thailand over 30 yrs ago,, As I am getting on in age (past 80) , I do not have family and wanted to make sure of it"s safe keeping. Due to health issues, my GP has been visiting as a GP and a friend, we got talking about Buddha, and I asked if he would take care of it for me. He was delighted, But only a few days ago , as I was delivering flowers to his wife, she said not to be offended but they had been told you cannot give it away, You can pass to children (which I do not have) Or can give to temple. IS THIS CORRECT, please. I was so happy to put it in safe hands. Regards June


    Februar 16, 2023

    I have 5 large Buddha in my home and don’t know where I’m ment to put them all I try to position them bit not sure if I’m doing it tight

    Helena Hart
    Helena Hart

    Februar 08, 2023

    My Buddha is tall (large) not able to sit on a table, How about the fire place surround.

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