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    Best Straw Bags for Summer

    Fashion is akin to love: even when you try, nothing can stop you from showcasing your sense of style. Despite the many challenges brought about by COVID-19, it seems there’s no stopping us from wearing trendy clothes and accessories. And with summer just a few months away, it’s not a bad idea to start thinking about how we can pull off chic and vibrant looks. Apart from those colourful dresses and espadrilles, straw bags are one of the few accessories that scream summer. Using natural materials woven into unique and sophisticated patterns, straw bags never go out of style. It’s a fashion staple that completes any woman’s summer wardrobe.. 

    Straw bags are both functional and posh. They come in many colours, shapes, and sizes, which are then embellished with fabrics, trimmings, and straps that amps up its versatility. Straw bags are effortlessly classy and highly flexible fashion accessories that women should never do without. They feature lightweight materials from plant sources, which in turn means an excellent bag option for the eco-warrior in you.

    The versatility of straw bags is impressive to say the least. Unlike its leather counterparts, straw bags can be worn all-year-long. The simplicity, durability, and strength of most straw bags contribute to its utilitarian quality. Choose a straw bag with a dab of warm colours, et voila, you now have a straw bag that you can use during the colder autumn and winter months, too. It’s never too early to pick a new bag that you can bring to the beach and at picnics in just a few months. Here are a few of our straw bag picks for the summer of 2020. 

    • Uniquely Designed Large Square Shaped Straw Basket Bag with Round Handles

    Handcrafted by skilled and talented Thai artisans the Large Square Shaped Straw Basket Bag with round handles is designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind. With an eco-friendly, sustainable and low-carbon footprint as buzzwords in this day and age, picking this straw bag screams eco-aesthetics and sustainable beauty.  

    The artisans use water hyacinth to manufacture their straw bags. This material is fast becoming the hottest organic finery due to its water absorbency, durability, and natural beauty. This classic straw basket bag will be your go-to bag when you hit the beach or enjoy a picnic at your favourite outdoor spots. What makes this bag a worthy buy is its versatility. You can pair it with casual dresses during daytime or make it a useful bag for when you decide to go out with friends in the evenings.

    The water hyacinth fibres are woven tightly together giving this bag its much-needed structure. This bag can store fairly large amounts of your summer staples and personal effects. Summer is fast approaching, so you definitely need a dual purpose bag- one that is both chic and functional. This is definitely a bag that deserves a spot in your bag collection. 

    Also, this bag make a good shopping basket option - inspired by the French shopping bag - an ethical alternative to taking plastic shopping bags to the supermarket.

    •  Exquisite Macha Straw Basket Bag

    The  Macha Straw Basket Bag, with its unique shape and design, is perfect for those who want to make a fashionable statement using their impeccable taste in bags. The natural fibres were skilfully handwoven to create a basket bag that is superior in both durability and style. It can even double as a picnic basket or a lunch box for two.

    This basket bag is also a good container for all your essential summer items. You can easily store your makeup, sunscreen, lip balm, and other essentials in this bag and organise them neatly inside. It features full lining, so you can conceal the contents of your bag and prolong its utility. Instead of a zipper or snap, the Macha Straw Basket Bag features a toggle fastener made from wood. One of the best things about this bag is that it will never run out of style. Its classic design and muted colour make it a mainstay in many women’s summer wardrobe. 

    • Eco-Conscious Curved Shaped Hand Woven Shoulder Bag

    As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have to be summer to take your straw bags for a spin. The  Curved Shaped Handwoven Shoulder Bag from Bluestone Bags features a 30-cm shoulder strap that will allow you to wear it as a shoulder bag, or a crossbody bag. Its large dimensions also mean that you can store a lot of things inside without worrying that your bag may break at any moment. With a rounded bottom, you can place all your summer essentials inside it without hassle. It’s the perfect bag to use when you’re out for a quick run to the grocery store.

    You can make this bag the ultimate summer item by accessorising it with a silk scarf on one end of the shoulder straps. You can take it with you to the beach. It’s easy to clean and maintain, so you don’t have to worry about discolourations or staining with this type of bag. Lastly, this straw basket bag is priced affordably. You can now have a dependable bag for summer and an errand essential that you can use it for the colder seasons, too. 

    • Sleek and Sustainable Rectangular Hand Woven Basket Shoulder Bag

    This straw bag from Bluestone features a blue floral lining, which ensures that the bag contents are your business alone. Plus, it gives that shabby chic aesthetics to your entire summer look - take it the next time you visit the supermarket for supplies. Instead of using plastic or brown paper bags, the Bluestone Bags’ rectangular handwoven basket shoulder bag can double as your eco bag, too. 

    To make this bag more exciting, we highly recommend embellishing it with shells, beads, or scarves. Another selling point of this basket shoulder bag is its durability. Our artisans have tightly woven the fibres of water hyacinth to create a bag that will provide adequate protection from usual wear and tear. You may use it in attending formal events, too. 

    • Rokhak Water Hyacinth Handwoven Basket Bag

    With summer just a few months away, woven bags are becoming a trendy fashion staple yet again.  The hardworking women of Rokhak Handicrafts crafted this simple yet stunning water hyacinth handwoven basket bag. These handwoven basket bags are made lovingly by the female artisans living in the local communities of Siem Reap, Cambodia. The bags are made from water hyacinth, a plant common along the Khmer riverbanks. From weaving to sewing, Rokhak Handicrafts handwoven basket bags are made from sustainably sourced plant fibres that are both durable and eco-friendly.

    Whether you are going to a beach with family or dining out al fresco with friends, this handwoven basket bag will complement all your summer dresses and bikinis. It features a durable handle that facilitates easy handling. You can carry it whichever way you please without risk of wear and tear. The Rokhak Water Hyacinth Handwoven Basket Bag is available in natural finish and other vibrant colours, including orange and teal blue. We know that there are plenty of summer bag options online, but what sets the Rokhak Water Hyacinth Handwoven Basket Bag apart is its superior craftsmanship, not to mention the contribution that you can make with every bag purchase. Choosing this basket bag will support the causes of Rokhak Handicrafts in improving the livelihood of poor communities in Cambodia.

    To check out more of our straw bags for the upcoming summer,  Contact Us Today.

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