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December 01, 2018 3 min read

Men can be difficult to buy gifts for. Although, if the coin was flipped, men would say the same thing about women! The overwhelm and frustration of buying gifts for men comes down to sourcing the right product they will both use and love. We want our gift to be something of value.

When buying gifts for men, it’s important to consider their style and what they enjoy doing. These can give an indication of the types of products your man will use and enjoy, ensuring the gift you give is one that will be loved.

We’ve curated a selection of gifts to suit the man in your life. Whether the guy in your life rocks a corporate vibe, is an uber millennial or you’re looking for gifts for geeky men, you’ll find a present that will perfectly complement their individuality and style. And at Temples and Markets, any gift you select has the added benefit of being ethically sourced. It’s gift-giving with a side of feel-good!


Gifts for Corporate Men

Gifts for Corporate Men

The corporate men in your life will love accessories that help them with their job. Anything that makes it easier for them to travel between meetings or business trips will be well received. Cufflinks are also an ideal gift, but don’t choose just any cufflink for your corporate man. Choose a pair that has history or a story to share. Wearing recycled brass bullet cufflinks is bound to be a talking point between colleagues. You might say it’s a bullet proof gift idea!

Suit: Peter Jackson Birdseye Suit $499: Passport Holder: Gnome and Bow Cloak Dark Red Leather Passport Holder $180: Portfolio: Luxurious Leather Portfolio $70: Cufflinks: Ammo Designs Brass Bullet Cufflinks $45

Gifts for Boho Men

Gifts for Boho Men

Your boho man will be thrilled when you choose an ethically produced item that aligns with their style and personal ethos. Think satchel bags that can have multiple uses to reduce their eco-footprint, to leather bracelets or a silver pendant necklace that can personalise their style. Your boho man is likely to have a deep appreciation for our environment so you can’t go wrong with natural fibres and sustainably made accessories.

Cotton Cargo Shorts: $49.95  Cotton Pablo Shirt: $39.95 Necklace: Silver Angkor Wat Temple Pendant on Chain $70  Bag: 3 in 1 Mason Leather Bag $195.00 Gnome and Bow Bracelet $135 

Gifts for Geeky Men

Gifts for Geeky Men

Geeky men are probably the easiest to buy for as anything that protects the technology they use on a daily basis will be welcomed with open arms. But don’t just think laptop cases and leather wallets that can protect iPhones. Look at quirky accessories like this light bulb pendant to encourage them to express their unique style. Sharp minds deserve sharp threads, too!

Top: Sandro Tee in Stripe $79.95 Light Bulb Spindle Necklace $45  Laptop Bag $75  iPhone Case & Wallet $190 

Gifts for Millennial Men

Gifts for Millennial Men

Millennial men will have a refined style, but will be up-to-date with current trends. Marble patterned cufflinks or a leather bracelet that can be worn both to work or teamed with a tee and shorts will be welcomed gifts. A gift that is versatile in style will suit your millennial man to a tee.

Men’s Blazer $249.95 Messenger Bag $95  Cufflinks: White Marble Effect cufflinks $70  Double Bracelet $80 

Gifts for men don’t have to be impossible to find this gift giving season! Browse our thoughtfully curated selection of ethically sourced gifts under $50 here.

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