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    Boho style home


    When the bohemian aesthetic is done right, it can have a gorgeous, eclectic and worldly tone. However, when shopping for pieces to create your Boho style home, tread carefully as it’s easy to be led astray. With boho-chic knock offs lining the shelves in nearly every department store, it’s easy to end up with a home filled with tacky macramé that looks like it came straight from your nana’s house (and not in a good way).  Online retailer Temples and Markets will help you choose just the right pieces and avoid those Boho no-nos!


    How Bohemian traditions translate into Boho styles today

    Although Bohemia is actually the largest historical region of the present-day Czech Republic, the term Bohemian as we know it today, originated in France in the early 1800s to describe people living in the impoverished Romani neighborhoods. As these people tended to have very few permanent ties, they often shared a similar free-spirited, unconventional lifestyle centred around musical and artistic interests. The Bohemian fashion genre that we know today still reflects many of these values.  Without having any strict rules to follow, it often mixes colours, patterns and textures from all around the globe. Carefully selected bohemian pieces can inject warmth, life and a great deal of visual impact into your home.

    How to select just the right pieces

    To add just the right amount of Bohemian home decor into your life, carefully choose pieces that speak to you personally. From artisan-made bowls to soft furnishings like cushion covers, choosing unique pieces that are steeped in culture can transport you back to the wonderful sights and sounds experienced during your travels to South-East Asia. Boho home decor should work harmoniously with other elements and styles already found in your home, but will add visual interest and evoke emotion. A handcrafted sculpture is a conversation piece that can instantly transform a room and add boho charm. People who love a Boho style home care about other cultures, love to share stories with friends and family and feel connected to people from all walks of life. The Temples and Markets philosophy embodies these values and ensures that every piece in their collection is sourced ethically and is gentle on the environment.

    Skip the malls and buy from the source.

    The easiest way to have a Bohemian home décor fail is to purchase pieces from big box retailers. These items are often poor quality and mass produced in factories as opposed to being carefully hand crafted by artisans who take the time to tell a personal story with each piece. In order to fill your home with beautiful, authentic accessories, be discerning about where you shop. Temples and Markets offers their clients fabulous, high-end items and helps to make a difference in the life of each artisan they source from along the way.

    Browse Temples and Markets for ethically sourced décor to complement your boho style home.

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