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Teacher Gifts

Say thank you to Teachers at School or Daycare with our thoughtful gifts they'll love. Share stories behind these gifts as you share your gratitude for how they've nurtured your child during the school year.

Because your teacher is one of the most significant people in your child's life

Beside their immediately family, your teacher spends the most time with your child.  They have the most influence.  They share their struggles, their victories and they watch your child grow every single day.  A great teacher will be someone your child remembers fondly all their life.  A great teacher may just change that little life for the better.

Get a gift befitting the teacher!

Say no to scented candles and boxes of chocolates.  Show your child's teacher that you appreciate what they did for you.  Show them that you understand that their job is tough and that they've done it well.  Browse our selection of gift ideas that show them your gratitude.  Our ethically sourced gifts mean that you're giving your child's teacher a present that benefits families abroad.   And that's pretty special too.


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