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    Yoga Room

    Yoga has so many benefits; increased flexibility, strength and balance, it helps reduce stress and can improve the immune system. Creating your own yoga room, a comfortable and inviting space to practice yoga in your own home is a wonderful place to start creating a daily yoga routine.

    Ideally, a yoga room should emulate your favourite space, particularly through sights, sounds, smell and touch. Here’s what we recommend for a beautiful home yoga sanctuary.

    The best space for a yoga room 

    Start with finding a space in your home that is free of clutter, is comfortable, quiet and somewhere you won’t be disturbed. These aspects are important because in practising yoga, you are trying to create a calm and focused mind, and any unnecessary noise, clutter or discomfort can really detract from achieving this.

    Yoga room sights and sounds

    Although natural light brightly streaming into a room is invigorating, yoga tends to lend itself to softer light. You can achieve this by using curtains or blinds and introducing soft light by burning candles in our tea light bowls or by using low wattage lamps.

    Introduce Zen into your room with other calm-inducing sights such as pictures, motivational quotes, plants and figurines. Not only do plants bring the feeling of nature and serenity into a room, but they will also clean the air. Plants with round leaves like the Fiddle Leaf Fig tend to bring a soft and soothing feel to a room. Figurines like our yoga pose figurine and our meditation Buddha are perfect for the yoga room because they are symbolic reminders of your affirmations and what you are there for. 

    Now, select the sounds you’d like to listen to while doing yoga. Perhaps you love the sound of the ocean, the soft patter of rain or a babbling brook or perhaps you love the sound of wildlife in the rainforest. Whatever your preference, technology these days makes it easy to play your favourite sounds via apps like Spotify. Alternatively, you may prefer to simply use meditation bells or something like a Tibetan singing bowl during your yoga practice.

    Yoga room smells

    It’s amazing how powerful the sense of smell is over the mind and body. In addition to burning candles for a lighting effect, you could opt for scented candles. Incense is also a favourite during yoga. Buddhists have used incense as an offering, a sign of burning away the negative to reveal the pure within. In addition to its smell and Buddhist tradition, scientists have found that incense is good for your brain, too!


    Yoga room textures

    Creating a comfortable yoga room is more than placing a yoga mat on a floor. Textures play a big part in working with your sense of touch.  Look at adding lovely soft blankets in the room and have pillows or cushions scattered. But just as these cushions play to the sense of touch, make sure they work visually to create a sense of calm. Our Lotus Bud Cushion Covers are perfect to achieve a calm yoga room.

    Yoga room equipment

    Once your yoga room is complete and peaceful, don’t forget the equipment. Here are some essential pieces of equipment you should include in your room:

    • A non-slip yoga mat
    • Yoga straps to help stretch your muscles
    • A yoga block to help you with balancing poses and back support
    • A foam roller to use for body massaging and decompressing connective tissue


    If you are new to yoga, there are plenty of yoga DVDs available at good retailers or guided yoga classes on YouTube that you can follow. Simply set up your iPad, iPhone or television in your yoga room and you’re on your way to reaping the benefits of yoga!

    Click here to check out our home décor perfect for a peaceful yoga room. 


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