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  • Juli 24, 2016 2 min lesen. 1 Kommentar

    I first discovered Zsiska Jewellery approximately 4 years ago when I purchased my Colourful Cubes Spectrum Multicoloured Necklace. Zsiska has since become a must have brand name in fashion jewellery in Thailand and on the catwalks and glossies across the world.  

    I fell in love with the vibrant designs of Zsiska there and then. I'd receive such positive feedback each time I wore the necklace and would so often be asked where it had come from that it became the catalyst for my desire to bring Thailand based designers to a wide audience. Subsequently Temples and Markets was born.

    Who is Zsiska: - Dutch Gold and Silversmith designer, Siska Schippers, moved to Thailand early 1990 and began working with Resin.

    Through experimentation in her studio in Cha-Am, a small town two hours from Bangkok, she developed the unique finish to resin that makes it appear as clear as glass. This was accomplished with a team of fourteen women and took several years.

    Zsiska is a family business

    In 1992, Siska founded her namesake company and in 2007, rebranded and launched worldwide. The fourteen women with whom Siska started the company still work for Zsiska today. It is a family affair with most of their family members and children joining the company to work in a social environment. 

    Each piece of ZSISKA is unique and made by hand with love and care utilising top grade materials from Thailand and entailing precise design and skilled craftsmanship.

    New collections are created each season, each finding its inspiration from diverse cultures, art, nature, upcoming fashion trends and colours.

    The jewellery is unique and now famous for its beautiful, vibrant colours and the use of resin combined with other high quality materials such as 24K Gold Leaf and Pure Silver.

    In Siska's words "To me, jewellery design is all about expressing personal beauty and bringing imagination to life"

    Siska still manages the design team today and the workshop in Cha-Am employs aroud 100 people who work together hand crafting inspiring and original jewellery. 

    Zsiska strives continuously to create a better working environment for their team and in turn contributes positively to the local community of Cha-Am. Last year the team celebrated 9 years at their Cha-Am Factory. 

    Zsiska celebrating 9 years at their factory

    We, at Temples and Markets are so pleased to be showcasing Zsiska's bold designs in our store and proud to be supporting this ethical business.

    Who wears Zsiska: A ZSISKA woman combines feminine strength with elegance. She enjoys the tactile strength of resin combined with the fragile quality of precious materials. She understands the value of craftsmanship and appreciates attention to detail. Her style is timeless and never out of fashion.

    We're about to launch the new season collections here at Temples and Markets. Here is a sneak peak of the incredibly striking and contemporary "Next" Range ...

    I love Zsiska not only because it's gorgeous but because I love to support any business that empowers women.  I believe that shopping with your conscience is the most powerful way for us to make the world a better place.  And you know, these pieces are so pretty, everyone wins!


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    August 05, 2016

    Love wearing the beautiful set of the new design in Blue by Zsiska. The magnet closing and opening of the bracelet and necklace is so innovative.

    A very happy customer— Thanks to you Temples and Markets.


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