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    Travel Handbags - What Every Woman Needs To Keep On Her When Abroad! 

    Whether you’re a seasoned traveller, or going on your first overseas adventure, finding the right travel handbag (and knowing what to put in it) is a must for toting around all of the necessities and staying safe when navigating a new environment. But choosing the RIGHT travel purse that is comfortable, functional and versatile is not always an easy task.

    Before your next trip, check out Temples and Markets’ thoughtfully curated collection of  travel handbags  to choose just the right one to suit your travel needs.

    How to choose the right travel bag for you

    When searching for the perfect travel bag, the first step is to think about how you need the bag to function. Will you be using it during the flight and while transferring through busy airports? Will you be taking it around to bustling tourist sights and crowded markets? Does it need to be big enough to hold a bathing suit and a sarong for an impromptu trip to the beach? Whether it’s a  backpack,  tote  or a  cross body bag  (like this super sleek  Vanvan bag ) it should only be big enough to carry just what you need. Most importantly, it should sit comfortably enough across your back or shoulders to move with you throughout your day. 

    Know just what to bring in your travel day pack

    Believe it or not, it is possible to pack like a minimalist and be prepared for (almost) anything. Aside from the most obvious essentials (your phone, wallet, keys and passport) be sure to include sunscreen, tissues (you don’t want to get caught at a public toilet without TP!), a water bottle and snacks. It’s also handy to keep your hotel address and phone number written down (in the local language) and tucked away safely inside your bag. This stylish, lightweight  Yuvi backpack  fits the bill perfectly with multiple interior pockets with zip up storage, leaving your hands free for taking photos. 

    Tip: In busy airports or crowded tourist areas, don’t be afraid to wear your backpack on your chest to better protect it from theft. This also gives you easy access to your wallet, phone and passport.

    Versatility is the name of the game

    When travelling, it’s essential that all of your accessories play double duty so you don’t overpack. Opt for a neutral coloured bag that will work with every outfit and won’t look out of place regardless of where your day takes you. This  Mat Archer bag  comes in four stylish neutral colours. It can be used as a handbag, shoulder bag, or cross body bag and has tonnes of room for all your day-tripping must-haves. 

    Yes, you can layer travel bags! 

    Everyone knows that layering is a great way to plan outfits while travelling, but did you know that it works for travel bags as well? This  Kimono water resistant clutch  is the PERFECT accessory to slip into any travel handbag or day pack. Available in two sizes, it can protect your phone, credit cards and passport from any spills inside your bag. It’s ideal for keeping small toiletries organized and easily accessible. It can also be used on its own while out for dinner in the evening when you don’t need to carry around a larger bag. 

    Tip: Use a small key ring to loop through the clutch strap and the handbag strap allowing the clutch to sit inside the bag while always remaining secured to your travel pack. 

    Most important - don’t identify yourself as a target

    Travelling is not the time to break out your prized Louis Vuitton or Kate Spade. Unfortunately, there are thieves who prey solely on tourists so you don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to yourself. Choose a simple, neutral bag that fits your personality and style, while also keeping your belongings well protected. 

    Browse Temples and Markets’  full range  of travel handbags and accessories today and get inspired for your next vacation! 



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