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    From the Team at Temples and Markets

    "Life doesn't come with a manual, it comes with a mother."
    - Unknown


    1. Take Mum on a Dream Vacay

    Let’s be honest, we would all love to be able to give our Mums the world. However, if not financially flushed with the funds to do so, choose Mum’s favourite destination (there are so many ….. Paris, Rome, Honolulu, Tokyo, Vietnam, New York or any she desires) and bring the world to Mum. Get in to the flavour of her desired country, decorate the breakfast table with a checked table cloth and fresh flowers, play some Edith Piaf and serve croissants and bubbles for brekky if Paris is #1 on her list. Pasta, gelato and a bottle of her favourite red wine for dinner if dreaming of a Roman Holiday.  My personal favourite is to bring back the memories of a trip along the Mekong with a bowl of Pho, Banh Xeo crispy pancakes and some strong Vietnamese coffee. Or simply grab the picnic rug and pack a basket full of delights from that favourite destination and head outside, lay a blanket in a quiet corner of a local park or garden or enjoy that piece of the world in your own back yard.

    1. Roadtrip

    Hit the road with Mum for a getaway from every day distractions. Choose a play list with her favourite tunes, relish in the time together, singing her favourite songs and engaging in those favourite conversations that being on the open road brings. Pack snacks and a favourite book for pit stops.

    1. Take a Class Together

    Lasting memories are created when learning something new, so live, love and most importantly, laugh and do it together. Treat Mum to that lesson she always wanted to learn - Tai Chi, Italian, Kundalini Yoga perhaps. If you have a country loving Mum, go for gardening, berry or fruit picking or horseback riding. For those who love sand between their toes, hit the beach for surfing or stand up paddle lessons. All Mums have a longing for creativity, so try a dance, painting or flower arranging class together. It's all about sharing those lasting memories.

    1. Pamper package

    Nothing says Mother’s Day like a day of luxurious pampering. Many Mums spend their time taking care of everyone else and tend to neglect themselves. A special day of indulging Mum will go above and beyond for this wonderful woman. Mum will love being spoiled and pampered - think manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing, massage. Or go with Mum for Brunch and a Blow Dry, where you can both eat well, drink well and look good! Recreate that Asian resort spa experience without getting on a plane. If you have a local Endota Spa  or similar serene spa book a shared appointment you can relish together. 

    1. The Gift of Giving

    We love to give our Mums a gift she will cherish, so choose to shop wisely for that special gift. Look no further than Temples and Markets, browse our inspirational gifts for the inspirational woman in your life.

    Accessories, Bags, Jewellery, Decor and Art, Buddha statues, products to obsess over, each unique and creating their own story.

    The Mother’s Day 2018 Gift Guide allows you to browse and shop, choosing from ethically sourced and curated gifts. Showcasing divine gifts of fashion and home wares that will evoke the senses and live in Mum’s heart forever.

    What more would you give the woman who gave you the world?

    #memorieswithmum Competition

    To celebrate the Women who literally gave us the world we're asking you to share your Happiest and most Precious Memories of your Mums for your chance to win one of two $75 Gift Certicates.

    Upload a photo, a video or if you'd rather just Share the Memory with words then do that instead. There will be 2 winners. Enter here


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