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  • septembre 15, 2019 2 lire la lecture

    DIY and disregarded arts and crafts from the past are coming back in a surge. All things crochet are the hottest items to own in fashion and accessories this summer. Crochet bags are the bag of the season and beyond. Investing in a crochet tote is a great choice this Spring/Summer.

    Read on to discover just some of the appeal of adding a crochet bag to your collection.

    1. Add a bit of boho casual to your style

    Crochet bags add a bit of boho to your casual style. Fit for the beach to shopping trips or various errands in between, if you want to add a bit of casual to your style, a crochet bag will do it for you. The bold colours can add interest to any outfit.

    The crochet bags from Temples and Markets have a durable base made from neoprene. Neoprene is water resistant and can easily be washed if it gets dirty. It also ensures your little items don’t fall through the crochet netting.

    crochet bags
    2. Lightweight

    Made from durable cotton rope, the crochet bag is a lightweight tote you can swing anywhere to carry your everyday non-negotiables (eg/ purse, sunnies and emergencies pouch) to your fruit and vegetables at the local market. Its lightweight design ensures you’re not carrying more than you need to.

    3. Easy to store

    A crochet bag can be easily stored in your handbag when shopping or as an extra bag for when you have to take extra items home from work. It takes little room when folded inside your handbag, making it an ideal shopper.

    4. Eco-friendly

    Using your own crochet bag to carry your shopping is one less plastic bag in landfill. As it’s made from cotton and textiles, it’s a durable bag which can be used again and again. The materials are sourced ethically to produce the bag, which makes it a better choice for the environment.

    5. Support artisans making an income for their families

    Crochet is a forgotten art which has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. Not everyone will be drawn to learn to crochet though, so why not support an artisan who is using their skills to produce a trending product for you to use and own? The artisans who make our crochet bags do so by hand and the products and materials are ethically sourced. Know that you’re purchasing a quality product as well as making a meaningful impact on the life of the artisan who has made it.

    Temples and Markets have a wide selection of crochet bags available for sale. Why not make it your new beach bag or everyday bag for summer?

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