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    Boho style was once a fashion class all on its own. But over the last decade, it has grown in popularity and become integrated with other modern attires. It’s now a class of fashion that is chic, yet pared back. Adorning boho jewellery with your outfit is the easiest way to embrace this style of dressing. The bohemian style has become a revolving trend since the 1960’s and its character is one that many love to embrace.

    The Boho Trend

    Boho is short for bohemian and it can be described as a carefree, nearly hippy-like style, influenced by cultures that evoke a free spirit lifestyle.  

    The fashion that typifies boho style is generally free-flowing including peasant blouses, tiered maxi skirts and ethnic influences in jewellery. Embroidery and embellishments offer a colourful and interesting vibrancy to outfits.

    These days, the boho style has been showcased by celebrities including the Olsen twins, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Nicole Richie.

    Authentic Boho Jewellery

    Boho style is often intermixed with trends to give it a modern take. And while it can be easy to replicate the modern boho style with mass produced accessories, being true to ethical and sustainable producers is really what embracing the boho style is all about.

    Appreciating how a boho jewellery piece has been created is important when embracing this style of dressing. Boho style pays homage to cultural references and each piece should be ethically produced to support the cultures that created it.

    Our collection of boho jewellery offers the wearer a story and full faith knowing each piece has been ethically sourced.

    Boho jewellery should tell a story. It should empower and support artisan craftsmanship, supporting equality in areas where the scales are skewed.

    Supporting local artisans

    Purchasing a boho jewellery piece from Temples and Markets will back a movement to support ethically produced handcrafted products.

    Our favourite boho jewellery pieces include:

    Boho Jewellery

    Senhoa Clarity Mala Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Stone

    Boho Jewellery

    Senhoa Chance Luxe Bracelet with Brass Lotus Charm and Swarovski Crystals


    boho jewellery

    Khmer Creations Rags to Riches Double Drop Silver Earrings

    Each boho jewellery purchase from Temples and Markets makes a difference to someone’s life.

    The curated selection of boho jewellery enables women to be employed, empowered and emancipated in their home country.

    Boho jewellery should not come at a cost to the artisans who make it. Their skill and craftsmanship should be acknowledged and supported. If you want to ensure your boho jewellery purchase makes a difference in the lives of women in South East Asia, support Temples and Markets and their brands. They truly embrace the heart of the bohemian.

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