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    Don’t be alarmed, but it’s less than 4 months until Christmas. It can feel like ages away, until one day you’re doing the grocery shopping and you see all the fruit mince pies and rum balls in the bakery section. The dread can set in thinking of another expense to fit into the family budget. But if you Afterpay Christmas gifts now, there will be no pain later. It may be the most stress-free Christmas you’ve had.

    Why Afterpay Christmas Gifts at Temples and Markets?

    There are a range of gifts to suit all members of the family at Temples and Markets. Having just launched Afterpay, it makes it incredibly easy to shop Christmas gifts now so there’s less last-minute purchases and overspending. It also means no credit card debt after Christmas, which annoyingly coincides with back to school expenses in January. 

    Choosing your Christmas gifts from Temples and Markets also ensures your dollars help someone else in need, who rely on your purchase to bring income to their family business. It’s a wonderful feeling to give a gift that has an underlying story of hope and support. The recipient feels the gift of love as it has been selected with care. 

    If you don’t know where to start shopping, we’ve curated an extensive list of products to help you with your selections. 

    Christmas gifts for mums

    Mums often put a lot of work into Christmas to make it a happy affair for the whole family. Choosing something special to make her feel valued and appreciated is easy with the selection of gifts available from Temples and Markets. Our luxe gifts for her guide can give a broad range of ideas. A handmade tribal choker necklace or crochet bag are perfect accessories she can use this summer. 

    Christmas gifts for dads

    Our gifts for men collection offers an array of ideas to give to dad for Christmas. Some favourites to consider are the Mat Archer Merge Messenger Bag which is ideal for work or travel. The Leather iPhone flip case allows for all the essentials in the one place when dad is on the run, and the bullet jewellery is sure to give dad something a story to tell at the dinner table. 

    Christmas gifts for kids

    Kids are a lot of fun to buy for at Christmas, but it’s easy to overspend because there are just so many shiny, new fads to choose from. Our kids’ gift guide can help with your selections. Why not buy something practical like their first wallet or a bac kpack for the new school year? 

    Christmas gifts for grandparents

    Grandparents can often be difficult to buy for at Christmas. Our gift guides can inspire with an array of gifts to suit their needs. A carry all bag or a decorative cushion for their favourite chair are some of the Christmas gifts you could put on Afterpay.  

    Christmas gifts everyone would love

    Having a list of people in your life to buy for helps in ensuring everyone is covered off your list. When you’re not sure about what to buy, our gift guides can assist. We also have a gift guide for under $50 to assist with the Secret Santa gifts that need to come in under budget. 

    How does Afterpay work? 

    Once you’ve chosen gifts for each family member and friend, Afterpay allows you to bundle all these items together, divide the total amount owed into smaller, more manageable amounts to pay off BEFORE Christmas. 

    Afterpay is like the new layby, but done online. You will be patting yourself on the back by shopping this way for Christmas, and it may prompt a new routine with future Christmas gift shopping. 

    Be smarter this Christmas and Afterpay Christmas Gifts with Temples and Markets. Start browsing now!

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