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    Round lacquerware vase

    Walking through the paved streets of Vietnam, you can’t help but notice the vibrant-toned pieces of decor with hand-painted finishes being displayed. Visiting homes in this culture-rich country, you’ll also find the same types of items being used and who wouldn’t want to buy some of the beautiful lacquerware?  However, if a trip to the Land of the Ascending Dragon is too difficult for now, you’d be glad to know that  Temples and Markets can transport you to the captivating city of  Ho Chi Minh  with our collection of  Vietnamese Lacquerware.

    Lacquer  is a natural substance, or the sap of the lacquer tree, used to varnish wood or other materials. The art of lacquerware can be traced back to China some 10,000 years ago. In Vietnam, there is an artistic use of lacquerware in everything; from paintings and sculptures to vases and jewellery boxes. Fashioned from Bamboo, MDF, wood, or fibreglass, they are hand-painted, dried several times, and preserved with lacquer. The more times this process occurs the more durable the lacquered product will be. Therefore, the quality of the lacquerware depends greatly on the process. 

    Temples and Markets  carry two of the most high-end, top-of-the-line lacquerware brands from Ho Chi Minh City. These brands are known for their quality products that are durable, functional, and modern in design. Here are some pieces that you should have to bring a touch of Vietnam to your space while sprucing it up in style:

    Round Lacquered Trinket Box 

    A trinket box is always a good idea! Why? Because you never know what tiny but valuable things you have that you might need to secure in a flash. Place a trinket box on your vanity or bedside table, and you can instantly have something for the earrings that you remove before going to bed. It’s great for jewellery, knick-knacks, coins, and just about anything. The  Pink Round Lacquered Trinket Box  by  Nhu Yu Lacquerwares adds a pastel chic element to any corner. Complete it with its matching  Pink and White Lacquered Jewellery Box  which comes in three sizes, or buy the set of three.

    Chest Lacquered Jewellery Box 

    No oriental-themed vanity dresser is complete without a  chest lacquered jewellery box. Designed to appear like a miniature dresser, it is loved for being functional, as it can store several jewellery items in each drawer whilst keeping them organised. Our lacquerware collection features options of chest jewellery boxes, all with exquisitely designed painted artwork or paint finish. 

    Lacquerware Drink Coasters

    Coasters are not just for decoration. They help protect surfaces from scratch and stains. So avoid unsightly water rings or marks on your beloved table or other surfaces by having a drink coaster handy! And while you’re at it, do it with lacquerware. For that simple yet glam look, choose this   Set of 6 Gold Lacquerware Drink Coasters. Our  lacquerware drink coasters  are created by  Huong Nga Fine Arts and come in different colours and designs. Pick one that suits the style and colour of your room.

    Lacquerware Ginger Jars

    Ginger Jars are a decorative staple in today’s traditional interiors. Adorned with beautiful paintings, designs and patterns, these make a great addition to your décor. 

    Throughout history,  Ginger Jars were originally used to store and transport spices. In a kitchen, they're a gorgeous step up from basic canisters holding anything from dry goods to tea bags. We’re sure that you will love our  Lacquered Ginger Jars collection!

    Lacquerware Serving Bowl

    This is a stunning addition to your lacquerware collection. This Serving Bowl  will be a great centrepiece on your dining table or a decorative piece on the shelf. Our collection of these beautifully-crafted  lacquered serving bowls  will be a head-turner. 

    Lacquered serving bowl

    Lacquerware Round Vase

    Nothing beats a  painted lacquered vase as a beautiful present! This delightful piece can surely brighten up your living room or any part of your home. This beautiful lacquered vase radiates a timeless vibe and will be a great addition to your classic collection. Our  classic lacquered round vases  will show you that timeless beauty exists.


    Storing and Handling Your Lacquerware 

    For something that has been so artfully and delicately created, it is but natural to have particularly certain ways to take care of your lacquerware to avoid damage and retain its beautiful texture and colours. Here are some things to remember:

    • When cleaning, do not use chemicals and hot water.
    • Hand Wash the lacquer products with mild dish detergent. Do not put them in the dishwasher.
    • Do not soak lacquer items in liquid when washing. 
    • Rinse your lacquer products with warm water and dry immediately.
    • Keep them dust-free and moisture-free by using a dry or damp soft cloth to wipe.
    • Before stacking and storing, put paper towels between the dishes.  
    • Do not expose your lacquerware to direct sunlight for a long time to avoid colour fade or change.

    For more beautiful  Vietnamese Lacquerware pieces for your home, shop our full range here at  Temples and Markets

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