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Glambue - Good Looking Bamboo Homewares

We are absolutely over the moon to bring Glambue's range of Spun Bamboo Bowls and Servers to the store. Glambue dinnerware started in the same way as Temples and Markets started - through travel. They had no intention to start the collection, yet on their travels in Vietnam, they found something special in home decor made with bamboo and from there the creative juices started flowing. This collection of gorgeous bamboo dinnerware is the result.  

Bamboo Dinnerware

The Pop Collection is a modern and funky range of ethical dinnerware and home decor crafted from Spun Bamboo.

Bright, colourful and versatile, the collection is perfect for the Australian lifestyle. You can woo your friends at your next dinner party, picnic or BBQ with this very unique range of bowls and servers in a variety of colours and sizes. Or you can use the bowls as decorative pieces around the home. The choice is yours. 

Bamboo home decor is naturally eco-friendly, versatile yet durable

Unlike glassware, Glambue won't shatter in a mishap. No sharp broken glass makes our products suitable replacements for plastic ware. In other words Spun Bamboo dinnerware is 100% kid Friendly. Chic bamboo bowls, handy bamboo accessories and everything your table needs to wow your guests and kiss plastic goodbye.  

Food Safe, Gorgeous, Fun, Practical and Sustainable too. Shop Now.