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    Zsiska Primavera

    The jewellery brand, Zsiska, was inspired by women who know they deserve the best. The brand is founded on the belief that luxury should be accessible, affordable, expressive, innovative and well-made. The uniquely beautiful designs combined with modern aesthetics make Zsiska jewellery one of the most fashionable jewellery brands on the market today. 

    Elegantly designed and meticulously crafted, Zsiska jewellery items add a hint of natural beauty to any look. The fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and feminine sophistication brings memorable pieces that will enhance every women’s jewellery collection. Zsiska produces statement-making jewellery that makes women feel confident and glamourous without breaking the bank. Adorning yourself with luxe jewellery pieces from Zsiska creates magic and lets your personality shine.

    History of Zsiska

    Zsiska was founded by talented Dutch-born jewellery designer, Siska Schippers who boasts outstanding expertise in the European jewellery industry. When Siska moved to Thailand in the 90s, she focused her efforts on studying and designing crafts made from resin. Using her artisanal experience in creating gold and silver jewellery pieces, Siska created her brand “Zsiska” in 1992. Her extensive experience combined with creativity is converted into innovation. With unique designs, stunning craftsmanship, Zsiska’s mission is to amaze buyers each with each exquisite piece of luxurious item from their extensive jewellery collection. 

    It was also in Thailand where she explored the use of resin in creating one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces. She utilised different dyeing techniques to create an awe-inspiring translucent finish and vibrant colours that are distinct across all Zsiska jewellery collections to the present day. Schippers opened her shop in Cha-Am, a small town two hours from the busy streets of Bangkok. The jewellery business started with 14 women, who were trained to craft jewellery following Schippers knowledge and techniques. Over time, the empowered women of Cha-Am not only obtained a high level of proficiency and skill in the creation of awe-inspiring resin jewellery pieces but also helped their families enjoy a better quality of life. 

    Empowering the Local Thai Community through Sustainable Resin Jewellery Making

    Zsiska aids in uplifting local communities in Cha-Am by giving them a sustainable source of livelihood that hopes to bring about progress for many generations to come.  These women who helped Schippers create a name in the industry still work for Zsiska and are instrumental in its continuous growth and success. 

    The popularity of Zsiska in women’s fashion is brought about by their use of superior-quality materials, impeccable design, and unmatched craftsmanship. Zsiska jewellery pieces incorporate the use of precious materials, including 24k gold leaf and pure silver leaf. Schippers perfected her technique to make resin as clear and smooth as glass while being lightweight in nature, too. Each jewellery piece is handmade with love and care, hence expect nothing but stylishly luxurious and timeless jewellery pieces from Zsiska

    About Zsiska

    Zsiska’s sophisticated jewellery merges evolving trends with diverse traditional art and innovative techniques. With every piece of jewellery from Zsiska, you will notice the use of a wide range of hues, silhouettes, styles, and materials. The Thailand-based jewellery brand believes that womanhood should be celebrated to the fullest in eye-catching jewellery that perfectly expresses her personality. 

    From stunning earrings to bold pendant necklaces, you will find something that matches your every mood, season, occasion, and destination. The talented designers and jewellery makers will make sure of it. For more than 28 years, Zsiska has been enjoying unparalleled confidence and trust from their loyal customers. Siska Schippers and the rest of the team hope to create more beautiful jewellery collections that celebrate the essence of women’s beauty. 

    We at Temples and Markets are the authorised online Zsiska stockist in Australia. Here are some of Zsiska’s latest jewellery pieces:

    Chambray Blue and White Pendant Necklace

    The show-stopping design of Zsiska’s Chambray Blue and White Pendant Necklace will bring out the glam queen in you. This resin pendant necklace is perfect for both daytime and evening use. Its elegant but modern design makes it a flexible jewellery item that you can wear for any occasion. The natural silhouette and refreshing hues give your style a lovely Boho boost. The white and blue beads sit flat and are held together by satin rope bands, making them extremely comfortable to wear for hours on end. It features an adjustable stopper that lets you adjust the length based on your preference. 

    Reflection Statement Ring

    This modern and whimsical ring will surely bring a smile to your face every time you wear it. Handmade by artisans in Cha-am, Thailand, the Reflection Statement Ring, a chic statement piece that will catch the eyes of others, too. The large rectangular-shaped resin is the perfect accessory on a lazy Sunday stroll at the park or grabbing a quick lunch with friends. This piece comes in green and black colours. 

    Emocion Gold Chunky Bracelet

    The timeless stretch Emocion Gold Chunky Bracelet has been redesigned to suit the luxurious taste of women across all ages. This bright piece features a gold foil design that will brighten any outfit. The irregularly sized resin beads are treated in an elastic band, making it a glamorous piece that you can stack with other jewellery pieces. Knowing that picking this item will help local Thai women and their families is an added benefit with your purchase. 

    Ikat Brown and Purple Pendant Choker Necklace

    This Ikkat Brown and Purple Pendant Choker Necklace features a stunning combination of beautiful colours and patterns. Zsiska with its mastery in the creation of resin jewellery incorporates the Ikat design transcending boundaries with its unique beauty and glamour. The dyeing technique that originated in Southeast Asia has been incorporated in creating tri-coloured resin using a combination of mauve, white and chocolate brown hues. The choker features a gold metallic satin rope secured by a magnetic closure. Zsiska nourishes its ongoing relationship with local Thai artisans who craft Ikat bracelets following fair-trade conditions in the small village of Cha-Am, Thailand. 

    Zsiska is an ode to many meanings of beauty and strength. The jewellery brand is inspired by women who ceased to be defined by stereotypes. Together with Siska Schippers, the women of Cha-Am design, create and inspire to build a more promising future for themselves and their local community. Through a relentless exploration of form, materials, and artisanal techniques, Zsiska creates items showcasing modern and classic designs that delight the mind and soul. 

    To check out other stunning Zsiska resin jewellery pieces, visit Temples and Markets.

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