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  • Oktober 28, 2016 3 min lesen.

    Your ethical Christmas gifts are sorted! Are you someone who puts off getting your Christmas shopping done until the last minute? Did you promise yourself that this year you will be better prepared? Well this silly season we have got you covered! No more stress, no more frustrated trips to the shopping centre and no more spending time searching for the perfect, good karma gift. We have everything you need to get your Christmas shopping done in the one place, leaving you with more time to spend with your family and plan the perfect Christmas meal!

    Hammered Bronze Chedi Gold and Bronze Bowls

    For your Teacher

    Recycled paper Christmas ornament - Give your child's teacher a gift that will last. This gorgeous decoration is made from recycled paper in Vietnam, and is available as a Christmas bell, Angel, star, sled and bauble. By giving a teacher this unique, hand painted gift, your child will always be remembered!

    Hammered bronze and gold bowls - This set of three bowls has been inspired by the traditional Chedi bowls that are used by Monks to collect donations. These unique bowls come with display stands, with the bronze and gold evoking memories of Thailand.


    Luxurious Leather Messenger Bag

    For your Hubby

    Luxurious leather messenger bag - Splurge on this gorgeous leather executive messenger bag. It is a perfect work bag, featuring exterior pockets and an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. This unique bag can easily fit a laptop and documents, thanks to its two internal zippers and pockets. Crafted in Bangkok, you will be tempted to ask to borrow it!

    Krama cotton scarf - This delightful unisex scarf is made from soft cotton and is available in two colour. A traditional Khmer garment, it is made in Cambodia and can be worn in various unique styles. It is a perfect accessory for all seasons!


    Angkor Choker

    For your Wife

    Angkor choker - This exquisite short necklace is made in Cambodia by talented Jewellery Designer, Rany Som. It is uniquely handmade from the seeds that fall from native Siem Reap trees, with each seed painstakingly drilled by hand. This statement necklace with glam up any outfit!

    Circle basket bag - A perfect gift for Summer! This gorgeous bag is uniquely weaved with water hyacinth and features leather handles, trim and a leather panel. It is fully lined with cotton, making it suitable for many uses! Made in Vietnam by Mekong Plus, this organisation supports their wider community through community development initiatives. This means you are not only receiving a unique and stylish product, you are also supporting microfinance, scholarships, health, hygiene and agricultural education programs!


    For your Kids

    Rose gold plated spiral earrings - Purchasing these stunning earrings will certainly put you in the good books! These unique earrings are designed and handcrafted in Chiang Mai, Thailand, by Boom, the incredibly skilled and creativ jewellery designer.

    Bear Backpack

    Bear backpack - The lucky recipient of this backpack will be the coolest kid in school! Made in Cambodia by the socially conscious enterprise, Smateria, this unique backpack features comfortable padded straps, a mesh side pocket, strong zipper and internal pocket. The best part is that there are three colours available to choose from!


    For your Neighbour

    Silk scarf - You can't go wrong with a silk scarf, especially one that is made ethically in Cambodia! Available in a range of patterns, this 100% handwoven scarf is part of a unique collection designed by Louise Loubatieres. Currently on sale, you will want to get in quick for this one!Silk Runner

    Silk runner - Transform your neighbour’s bedroom with this silk runner! Available in two different colours, this unique runner fits a Queen Bed. It is made in Thailand, meaning the chances that your neighbour has one of these gorgeous runners is pretty slim!

    Of course, we do have a very wide range of unique Fashion Accessories, Jewellery and Home décor on offer, so if you had the time, have a browse! 

    We are proud of our collection of unique gifts made by unique people from unique cultures and proud that they are all gifts with meaning.

    We wish you a very happy holidays, and hope that our unique Christmas gift guide enables you to save time and energy so you can enjoy the festive season!




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