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  • September 11, 2017 3 min lesen.

    Creating A Welcoming Home: Advice From Home and Interiors Professionals

    Julia Hammond 11/09/2017

    As Jane Austen once said, “There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.” As with many of Jane’s musings it is eternally true. Everyone is comfortable in their own home and wishes others to feel the same. Here, five home and interiors professionals share their tips for creating a welcoming home.

    Claire Limbrick | Chameleon Avenue

    On lighting and colour:
    “A welcoming home starts right at the front door. Consider painting your hallway or entrance with a warm tone. Warm colours (those with a brown, orange or red base) create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere, making people feel at ease. A console table with a soft lit lamp, a picture/mirror above, and a few personal items such as travel mementos just inside the front door, makes your home immediately inviting. You can arrange trinkets and collections of items in a group (known as a vignette) to create a visual ‘story’ about you and your family. Vignettes make a home stylish, personal and welcoming - they are also a great talking point!”
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    MyDeal Pro Tip:
    Organised home, organised mind
    Not everyone you invite into your home may be used to the hustle and bustle of family life. A neat and tidy surrounding will create a welcome environment for all your friends and house guests. Using clever kids furniture solutions (like toy storage chests and bookcases) will ensure every item has a home.

    Anthony Ashworth | Anthony Ashworth

    On first impressions:
    “First impressions count and are all important in the feeling of a welcome home and not just for your guests, but importantly for you to feel fully welcomed. Create a beautiful, inspirational entry that reminds & inspired you of what life you really want to live. Then critically, use it!

    Many of us now drive directly into our dark smelly garage, if so then into a bland hallway, so try going back out through the garage door and in through your now beautiful & inspirational entry! The ancient Chinese referred to this as the ‘Shining golden entryway’.”
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    Judith Treanor | Temples and Markets

    On balance in your home:
    “The key to this is to strike a balance between a display of your personal/sentimental items (photos, ornaments, travel keepsake), with a display of styled pieces that form part of a chosen colour palette (candles, vases and cushions).

    We've all been into Open Houses for Sale that have been styled within an inch of their lives - all neutrals, perfectly positioned throws and plumped up pillows that would take half an hour to remove from the bed at bedtime. As lovely as this looks it's not practical or welcoming in the real world.

    Create a space with a neutral backdrop but comes alive with wallpapered feature walls, bold and bright cushion coverson furniture and personal pieces that let your personality shine through. Oh and for the finishing touch - it wouldn't be a welcoming home without a dog!”
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    Sophie Kost | My Beautiful Abode

    On an inviting entrance:
    “For me a welcoming home starts with an inviting entry that tells a bit of a story about who lives here and their style. Ingredients for a well resolved entry can include a console table, mirror, vase of flowers or pot plant and styling accessories (maybe a framed family picture and a bowl of keys). If space permits, artwork in the entry can be a true focal point and a clue about what is to come in the rest of the house.”
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    Jo Powell | 3 Pea’s Property Styling

    On the perfect outdoor environment:
    “Externally, a welcoming home will clearly display a house number and invite guests to the front door via an obviously defined path. Upon arrival at the front entry, there should be an obvious means of alerting the homeowner to the fact that there are visitors (bell/door knocker) and guests should have a pleasant environment in which to wait for the door to be answered. Shelter from the elements, beautiful greenery, whether it be in a pot or garden bed and of course, for guests arriving in the evening, a welcoming light should all be considered.”
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    Home is where the heart is. And whether your favourite moments are spent nursing your baby or reading in a quiet nook the big secret to a welcoming home is making it an extension of you and your personality.

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