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    The clutch has evolved from being a block coloured bag to a multi-coloured piece that draws attention on its own. The block coloured clutches will always have their place for the right dress, but how does one match a colourful clutch with any dress without looking too matchy matchy or print clashy? Here are some tips for co-ordinating a colourful clutch with your dress.

    Match by print or colour

    Print clashes can be done right if there is one common denominator in the dress and the clutch. So if your dress is a leopard print, and the clutch has brown tones in its own pattern, it becomes the ideal print clash and will work with you, not against you. Print clashes work when complementing colours are matched together

    Stripes and florals make the cutest print clash. For that navy striped dress, which is always in style, team a kimono inspired clutch for colour and fun.  

    Let the colourful clutch be the hero of your outfit

    Dresses that have a subtle pattern require a hero piece to elevate the colour and draw out personality. Don’t be afraid to choose a clutch with an eclectic print or colour palette – let your bag do the talking! For a gingham print dress, draw on the pattern and team it with the Valerie Cordier Donatello Sapa Black and Pink Clutch Bag. The checked print in this clutch can add interest to a gingham print dress, no matter the colour.

    A colourful clutch can add personality to a basic outfit

    If your dress is a block colour, your options for accessories are limitless. You could play it safe or you could simply play! Think bright colours and fun patterns. By adding a bit of personality, you exude style confidence. Let’s be honest, owning an accessory that is bold with an unusual print and colour speaks volumes about your personality. There is no fear of camouflaging within the crowd. Try the Ikat Clutch Bag for a more subtle tone or the Silk Scarves Evening Clutch for a pop of multi-colour!

    A colourful clutch is an easy way to add fun and personality to your style. Finding the right clutch will be the hardest choice of all as there are so many great styles to choose from.

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