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    A beautifully styled bed can make a bedroom look cosy and enticing. The choice in linen, placement of pillows and cushions and decorative accents like the bed runner, are important characteristics to a well styled bed. The bed demands attention in a bedroom, yet the way its dressed can affect the way a room looks and feels. The simplest way to create a luxurious bedroom haven is to layer the bed with cushions and drapes like a bed runner.

    And bringing a coffee or dining table to life is never easier than with gorgeous table runners.

    Bed and table runners are fun and beautiful. They can be made from a variety of fabrics including luxe Thai Silk. Let’s explore how to make them work in your home!

    What are bed runners and table runners?

    A bed or table runner is a long, draped column of fabric that can be placed on top of a quilt or duvet to add colour and interest to the bedlinen – or a dining or coffee table to add a focal point.

    A bed runner is a luxurious way to dress up a bed, without the need for a throw. You’ll often see them placed on the beds in higher-end hotels. It’s an easy way to dress up a plain bedspread and match with contrasting cushions.

    Where is the best place to lay bed or table runners?

    A bed runner can be placed on the bed in a variety of positions. The most common position is at the foot of the bed. This is an ideal place if there is no footboard on the bedframe or it’s an ensemble mattress with no bedframe. The whole point of a bed runner is to ensure it is seen. There is no point placing it where it will be blocked from view by part of the bed.  

    If the bed does have a footboard, place the runner in the middle of the bed or tucked towards the top end, under the overlay of the quilt and covers.

    Table runners are typically placed down the centre of the table, lengthways. Floral arrangements and other décor can then be placed on top. During a dinner party, dishes of food sit prettily atop the runner.  

    Bed Runners are an affordable way to style a bed

    Bed runners are a versatile and flexible way to style a bed. To change the look of a bed, simply adding a bed runner with cushions to match can breathe new life into the space.

    Bed runners are also an affordable way to change the look of a bedroom, without investing in new bed linen. Just swap the bed runner from one style to another to alter the look. The Dark Grey Metallic Bed Runner is ideal for a white quilt base. It could be swapped with the Thai Silk Blue Striped Runner using matching or similar cushions to create two separate looks.

    Also, when you add a luxurious bed runner to your decor, you can instantly recreate the look of a luxurious resort room at home.

    Table runners can also be draped along the bed as a bed runner. Just ensure the length will run the width of the bed. Most table runners will be shorter in length than a bed runner. These would be more suitable for double or king single sized beds.

    Choose from our range of ethically produced bed and table runners to add this decorative piece to your bedroom.

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