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    United Nations

    Even in our modern world, human trafficking is still an insidious, horrible aspect of life for millions of people. Human trafficking still occurs in just about every country on the planet, and trafficking networks are difficult to investigate. A recent United Nations report indicated that there are between 27 to 30 million modern-day slaves being held captive around the world. When put that way, human trafficking seems like an insurmountable problem. But there is positive news - there are things that the average person can do to help. Read on to find out what you can do to help fight the pestilence that is human trafficking!

    Human Trafficking – what can I do to help?

    1. Get informed. There are many myths and misinformation circulating the internet about Human Trafficking, so it’s important to know the facts. Doing a bit of research can help to get your head around this huge global problem and what’s being done to combat it. Visit sites like the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC) and get informed.

    2. Donate to organisations who help human trafficking victims. Donating to not-for-profit organisations who are actively fighting against human trafficking is a terrific way to help. Your money goes towards freeing human beings caught up in this horrific practice. Check out organisations like the Polaris Project, A21, the Freedom Project, and Stop the Traffik.

    3. Stop buying items from companies who partake in human trafficking. Shop ethically to avoid supporting those companies who work with sweatshops and other workhouses that are essentially providing slave labour. Doing a bit of research into what you buy will help improve the lives of millions of children and women forced into slave labour. Check out End Slavery Now’s extensive shopping guide for everything from chocolate to electronics and clothing or visit Temples and Markets’ curated range of fairtrade gifts, home décor, jewellery and bags.

    4. Buy items with a story. At Temples and Markets, our beautiful jewellery, accessories and homewares are made by people who have escaped horrific conditions. They now live free, creating beautiful pieces of art you can treasure forever. And with the stories behind them, they’ll mean all the more. Check out this fabulous story about the Red Karen women in Thailand or this story about jewellery made from bullets.

    5. Lobby your local MP or senator to emphasise why ending human trafficking should be high on their priority list. Human trafficking isn’t just an issue overseas – there are thousands of people affected in Australia each year. Through the things we buy, the coffee we drink, the clothing we wear – human trafficking is a problem everyone should be actively fighting, and it’s something your local member of parliament or senator should definitely have high on their priority list. Send them an email today and get them involved!

    For more wonderful ethical gifts and homewares, check out Temples and Markets fantastic range today!

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