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    The straw bag has always been a classic and practical accessory for women throughout history. More typically, the straw bag has become a popular bag for summer, but its versatility can make it useful in a variety of situations. Often known as a basket bag, its sturdy handles, neutral colour and large storage capacity make it ideal for various occasions and outfits. Here are some ways to get the most out of your straw bag.

    The straw bag can turn any outfit into a casual outfit

    Ever put on a dress and felt it may be a little too dressy for the occasion you’re going to and need something to ‘casual it down’? The straw bag is your friend in this situation. It adds a relaxed feel to any outfit. Pair it with a maxi dress, jumpsuit or shorts and tee combo - the straw bag can work with a variety of outfits to offer a smart casual and fun feel.

    The straw bag is the ultimate beach bag

    Everyone needs a bag to carry their towel, sunscreen, sunnies and personal items to the beach. The straw bag is the perfect beach bag because it won’t be ruined by sand, and it can dry quite quickly in the sun if it gets wet. Moisture won’t damage this bag as the reeds and straw can dry without showing permanent water marks.

    Straw bags are eco-friendly and save plastic landfill waste

    The straw bag is ideal for those inter-week grocery trips to top up fruit, bread and milk. Using a straw bag for personal use will prevent you having to buy yet another of those recyclable grocery bags that are ironically made out of plastic.

    A straw bag can carry ALL THE THINGS

    Straw bags are the ideal bag to carry all the things when heading out with the family. How many times do the kids or partner ask if you can carry their personal stuff? Chuck it in the straw bag – the storage is ample!

    Add a pom pom or tassel charm for fun and colour

    Pom Pom and Tassel key chains are a big accessory trend and these pieces look amazing when adorning a straw bag. The neutral backdrop can make the colours in the key chain pop. It also personalises your straw bag to make it your own.

    A straw bag is the ideal bag to own to suit many outfits and occasions. If you’re looking for the ideal straw bag, check out the collection at Temples and Markets

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