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    Earlier this year, my son and I had the opportunity to visit Human and Hope Association, a grassroots community centre in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I had been supporting this not-for-profit for quite some time; by being a monthly champion, donating proceeds from a VIP night and also through selling their gorgeous handicrafts through Temples and Markets.

    Although I had always admired the work that the local team did to provide education in Cambodia, I was blown away by my visit. This entirely Khmer run organisation is creating waves in their local community in Sambour village, around 7km from Siem Reap town. Their projects include a preschool class for children who are not yet ready for public school; English lessons so children can eventually pursue jobs in the thriving tourism market; native Khmer language classes as many children are illiterate despite studying at public school; a 10-month sewing program where women are provided with the skills, knowledge and confidence to break free of the cycle of poverty, and chemical-free farming training.


    They see around 180 Cambodians come through the doors of their quaint community centre each day. Not only are these community members provided with education and training, they also receive clean drinking water, a safe place to play and study and ongoing support from the local team. By providing education in Cambodia, the local team are creating a brighter future where there has been so much darkness since the Khmer Rouge took power.


    Of course, Human and Hope Association can’t achieve their incredible outcomes without financial support. This is where you can make a difference!

    From October 1st to October 31st, Human and Hope Association are running a crowdfunding campaign, Scholarships for Cambodia, that aims to raise $7,000 to provide 50 Cambodian children with education scholarships.

    When supporters donate to the campaign, they will have the opportunity to receive an exclusive new range of Children’s Education Kits. These kits are perfect gifts for Christmas, and will keep the kids entertained on road trips, hot Summer days and whilst waiting for the school bell to ring. These Children’s Education Kits are made by sewing graduates from Human and Hope Association, so not only are you providing education to children with your purchases, you are also providing an income to the women who made them! 

    Naughts and crosses kit - Who doesn’t love playing naughts and crosses? This kit features a game board and playing pieces, and closes neatly with a clasp.  

    Games Kit - Featuring a pad of coloured paper and six crayons in a foldable pouch, along with a game of elastics, this games kit is perfect for children who love to burn off energy! 

    Hangman Kit - Let the kids battle it out with this Hangman kit! It features paper, two pencils and fabric Hangman parts. 

    Old School Kit - Want to keep kids entertained without a screen? Head back to the ‘old days’ (aka 1999) with this game kit! Featuring a 24-piece puzzle, memory game and 25 pieces of Origami paper, this game is a great present for siblings to share.


    If you are passionate about providing children with quality education, please donate to this crowdfunding campaign. All the Children’s Education Kits will be shipped by the end of November, so you can be assured they will make their way into Santa’s stockings on Christmas day, whilst also putting a positive dent in the future of a Cambodian child.


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