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    Love them or hate them, man bags are here to stay - and for good reason. Men across the globe (particularly in Europe and the US) have been embracing this trend for years and are realizing what women have known all along - that having a bag to carry around your essentials can be both stylish and practical. Whether they’re aiming to make a fashion statement, or just looking to keep their belongings together in a safe place, men are using bags to tote around everything from oversized smartphones, laptops and headphones to toothbrushes, sunglasses, chewing gum and even a spare change of clothes. 

    If you’re ready to get onboard yourself, or you’re on the hunt for a super hip bag for your teen or Millennial, Temples and Markets offer some of the most stylish man bags Australia has to offer!


    <H2> Trade in your boring backpack for a Euro-inspired upgrade</H2>

    Thankfully men today have more styling options than ever and aren’t only limited to boring old backpacks and stuffy briefcases. Fashion forward bags for men offer a convenient, comfortable AND fashionable way to keep essentials organized. One popular style that comes back season after season is the shoulder bag and this Demos Messenger Bag ticks all the man bag boxes. With loads of storage compartments for all of his gadgets and its ruggedly sleek design, even the most reluctant male will be proud to show this bag off. If you’re after something a little more streamlined, the Unite Laptop Sleeve is all you’ll need. Perfect for the tech lover in your life, this protective sleeve is a must-have.

    <H2> This isn’t your grandfather’s briefcase</H2>

    Many men cringe at the thought of carrying around a hard, structured briefcase - and to be honest, they were really only good for ensuring that file folders and piles of paperwork didn’t get lost or damaged. For modern commuters, a lightweight, sleek laptop bag is often the go-to. The Mat Archer range offers the Retrieve Laptop Bag which is perfect for the eco-conscious professional and can be worn as a cross body bag or carried without the strap as a laptop sleeve. It also has a handy travel strap to slip over the handle of your suitcase when traveling for work or pleasure.

    <H2> Belt bags are ba-ack! </H2>

    Although the terms “fanny pack” and “bum bag” may bring back fashion flashbacks from the 80s, today’s much improved version, the belt bag, can be seen on celebrities and style icons everywhere. With a notable re-design, today’s belt bags can be worn around the waist or slung over your shoulder. In fact, the Mat Archer cross body bag does it all. Highly versatile as well as functional, it’s an excellent choice for the guy who likes to change up his look.

    From backpacks to shoulder bags, belt bags and everything in between, man bags are here to stay. Find the perfect bag for the man in your life and he’ll wonder how he ever got by without it!

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