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    Ethical Gifts For Teens – The Ultimate Gifts For Budding Activists!

    If you’re looking for ideas on ethical gifts for teens, you will be glad to have stumbled onto this post. 

    Let’s be real for a moment. Teens are known to be a hard group to buy gifts for. Often their tastes are drawn to expensive gifts (hello iPhone, Apple Watch and Ear Pods!). They can also be picky about what’s on trend, or keen to keep up with what their friends are buying.  This can make it incredibly difficult for the gift buyer to know how to choose a present they’ll truly enjoy. 

    But the other thing we know about teens is that they are often budding activists. Is your teen passionate about sustainability? Tuned in to politics? Keeping a close eye on climate change? If so, an ethical gift will be well received. In fact, they will think it’s pretty cool to own an item with an interesting backstory. 

    Here are some ethical gift ideas for teens. Consider these for your conscious consumer! 

    Senhoa Jewellery

    Charm bracelets can be layered for a Boho look your teen will love. The Senhoa Luxe Pearl Bracelet with lotus charm, Swarovski crystals and pearls is one your teen will adore wearing. All Senhoa Jewellery is made by survivors of human trafficking and slavery in Cambodia. The purchase of this bracelet (or any other jewellery by Senhoa) provides employment for the survivor and their families who have been vulnerable to exploitation. 

    LOVEbomb Bangle

    Lovebomb bangles

    Every piece of jewellery in the LOVEbomb range tells a story, and its origin and peacemaking manufacture will influence your teen. Each piece of jewellery is crafted from recycled bomb fragments, dropped in Laos from 1964 to 1973. The history and story of manufacture is one your teen will want to wear and share. Each purchase sends money to the artisan’s village, providing sanitation and food supplies for their community. The LOVEbomb Infinity Necklace is truly a talking point and unique gift your teen will love to show their friends. 

    Helping Hands Baskets

    Teens often need an extra bag to carry all the books, gadgets and sports gear that can’t fit into their school bag. Choosing a Helping Hands Penan basket tote will support the Penans who are the semi-nomadic indigenous people living predominantly in the Borneo rainforests of Malaysia. The sale of each tote supports this remote community, preventing families from falling into poverty and assisting them with self-sufficiency. 

    Temples and Markets offers an array of ethical gifts teens will love. The brands showcased here are only a snapshot of the incredible gifts on offer. Why not check out our gift guides for more ideas?

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