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    In northern Vietnam, the climate is relatively warm and dry. Weather is often good until November, with low rainfall and warm temperatures, making for a longer season in which to explore. There are many opportunities to enjoy Vietnam's beauty with fewer tourist crowds, outside the main holiday season.

    But, even in the height of summer, you'll find plenty of things to do in Sapa: -

    1. Enjoy the scenery From the high peak of Mount Fansipan, to the golden rice fields and winding rivers, there are so many beautiful things to see. A 6km cable car ride to Mount Fansipan's peak provides perhaps the easiest way to enjoy the view, taking just 15 minutes to get to the top. 

    Sapa hills

    2. Active sports and leisure The many trails of Sapa are sure to entice hikers and mountain bikers. You can set out on your own, or join a tour group to trek through the hills and rice terraces. There are many wonderful things to see, from waterfalls to quiet farming communities. Getting out on foot, or on your bike, is the best way to see real-life in Sapa, Vietnam.

    3. Motorbike tours Motorbike tours are a very popular way to explore Sapa and the wider region. Tours often set off early, with a full-day itinerary that includes the most popular sights. Travelling by motorbike may not be as leisurely and relaxed as hiking the trails on foot, but is a fantastic way to see as much of the region as possible.

    4. Visit Sapa Market Every Sunday, the vibrant Sapa Market comes to life in the main square. This is a large market that people visit from miles around, and is a place to buy local fashions and handicrafts. For locals, a weekly visit to the Sapa Market is also a social routine. Many people get to Sapa Market as early as possible for breakfast, starting the day in each other's company before shopping for things to take home. Here, you can purchase everything from clothing and accessories to fresh fruit and local produce.

    Sapa Markets

    If you don't want to visit Sapa Market, there are other ways to buy handmade crafts and beautiful local souvenirs. Often, traders roam Sapa's hiking trails, and busier streets, to sell jewellery, bags, food and embroidered fabrics.

    Learn about Sapa's tribes: There are many different minority tribes in Sapa. Each tribe has its own incredible history, and a unique way of life. When you're visiting Sapa, try to get to know the locals from several of these tribes. Most speak English, and have fascinating stories to share. There are 54 different racial-ethnic groups in Vietnam, and some of those in Sapa include the H'Mong, Tay, Giay and Dao. Different types typically wear different colours of clothes or accessories, with the Dao traditionally wearing black clothes and red hats.

    Sapa is a relatively quiet mountain region where you can immerse yourself in local life. In fact, it's the perfect place to visit for an authentic Vietnamese experience.

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