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  • März 08, 2018 2 min lesen.

    I came across Chula Fashion on my first visit to Vietnam back in 2010. I was literally blindsided by Chula's vibrant designs at La Residence Hotel Boutique, Hue. Since then and having visited their boutiques in Hoi An, Hanoi and Saigon, I've been a huge fan of their unique, colourful and extraordinary collections.

    Laura and Diego, two Spanish fashion designers, created Chula Fashion after they visited and fell in love with Vietnam back in 2004. They made Hanoi their home and Chula and their "wearable art" has since become a recognised and loved brand across Vietnam, Asia and Europe. Although their boutiques are based in Vietnam, Chula pops up in cities around the world too.


    Laura and Diego drew inspiration from the people, the food and the culture of Vietnam and transformed it into beautiful works of wearable art. Their philosophy believes in inclusion, cultural traditions, happiness of life, sense of humor, handmade fashion and suitable small scale projects.


    Chula works with small communities that are local to northern Vietnam and hand make every item at their base shop in Hanoi. Chula employs a skilled community of 60 people, 75 percent of whom have a physical disability.


    Relationships with clients are highly valued at Chula. They pride themselves in being a very personal company because most people hear about them through word of mouth. Having a close connection with the expat community in Hanoi, many of their friends (and consequently their items) travel all over the world to find new homes. So, although they are part of a close knit community in Hanoi, it is their international relationships that truly make up Chula.



    Chula's international brand identity, born from Spanish roots and blended with Vietnamese culture, is reflected in their diverse client base from around the world. Chula has also participated in fashion shows at the Grand Canyon, The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, The Trajano’s Market in Rome, The Seine River in Paris, The WTC in New York City, The Citadel of Hue, and The Kennedy Center in Washington.
    For the first time Chula are coming to Australia and it will be a fantastic opportunity for fashion lovers here to see what they call their "Wearable Happiness" outside of Vietnam.

    Chula have been invited to be part of the Foma (Fashions of Multicultural Australia) Runway Shown on 10th March in Sydney. FOMA is a first-ever national initiative celebrating fashions from around the world and reflected here in Australia.

    Furthermore we are absolutely over the moon that Chula will be collaborating with Temples and Markets on two very special Pop Up Fashion Showcases.  

    On 11th March Chula Fashion will come together with with us to showcase
    Fashion and Accessories from S.E Asia, hosted by Guanta Boutique. 
    We will bring a taste of Vietnam style and design to Mosman. Look out for the Lanterns and Conical Hat decorations outside and a truly multi-cultural warm welcome for everyone in the local community.
    On 13th March 10am - 7pm Chula and Temples and Markets are showcasing their unique designs for a unique Pop Up Event at the Anton Venoir Interiors Parisian Style Apartment, 26/321 Chapel Street Melbourne. This will be an opportunity for Chula Fans in Victoria to purchase their pieces outside of Vietnam. If you haven't already discovered Chula you are in for an absolute treat. 

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