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  • November 27, 2020 7 min lesen.

    Friends n Stuff Weekender Bag made from palm leaf and canvas

    It’s that time of the year again. December will see millions of Australians hitting the shops to find the perfect gift for loved ones. Shopping for gifts can be difficult, so it’s not surprising that shopping for fair trade and ethical gifts is more challenging. With hundreds and hundreds of companies claiming to offer the best ethical and sustainable Christmas gifts, it can be difficult to identify those producing goods that give back.  

    Thankfully, Australians are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainability and fair trade, inspiring more companies to use their business to do good. Ethical goods are created with love and passion, they are meaningful presents that combat consumerism and save the planet; gifts with a mission to spread the word about living an ethical lifestyle and to help uplift the livelihood of less privileged families in various parts of Southeast Asia . Picking these gifts will not only leave you feeling good but also deliver a great sense of accomplishment knowing that you are contributing to making our world a better place now and in the future.

    Here at  Temples and Markets, our mission is to deliver fair trade, transparent supply chains to the people who make them and values the people who wear them. We want to be your partner in advocating a positive change in consumer behaviours by delivering meaningful and well-made ethical sustainable gifts.

    GIFT FOR MUM - Khmer Creations Bold Print Silk Purse

    A striking and unique silk purse featuring a uniquely exquisite design by Khmer Creations. It’s the ideal size for keeping all small essentials safer in one compact place. With more than 17 card pockets, 3 note pockets, an exterior and interior zipped change area, and a deep back pocket allowing easy access to the bottom portion of the purse, wearers need not bring bulky and oversized bags to special occasions that necessitate constant movements socialization. The  Bold Print Silk purse comes in five colours: green, vibrant pink, turquoise, silver, and black and grey. Users can use it as a lightweight travel companion, an elegant evening clutch, and a cosmetic bag, too. 

    Khmer Creations is a social initiative based in Cambodia that aims to produce sustainable bags that inspire positive and social impact. Every purchase from Khmer Creations works to recognise the heritage, foster good craftsmanship, and preserve the authenticity of small-scale businesses, and protect biodiversity and wildlife. Their ethical handmade jewellery and accessories support and empower its employees in Cambodia, empowering them to improve their quality of life by taking advantage of Khmer Creations’ values and ideologies. 

    Graines de Cambodge Seeds and Hoop Pendant

    This awe-inspiring  Seeds and Hoop Pendant necklace is the brainchild of Rany Som, a local Cambodian jewellery-designer and owner of  Graines de Cambodge. The brand is known for its use of unconventional materials in producing exquisite statement pieces that can be worn during normal days and special occasions. The long seed necklace comes in three colours: brown, red, and white. 

    The women working for Graines de Cambodge have acquired skills in producing limited jewellery pieces using up to 20 seed varieties, including brown lotus seeds, white Mary’s tears, and red jambie seeds. All seeds used in jewellery and accessories making undergo a stringent selection process, each seed evaluated based on size, shape, and symmetry in order to match Rany’s brilliant designs. The silver pendant nicely complements the naturally beautiful colours and brilliance of the seeds. 

    Our mission is to deliver fair trade, transparent supply chain respects to the people who make them and values the people who wear them. We want to be your partner in advocating a positive change in consumer behaviours by delivering meaningful and well-made ethical sustainable gifts.

    GIFT FOR A SPECIAL SOMEONE – LOVEbomb Leaf Shape Pendant on Sterling Silver Chain

    LOVEbomb was born from a burning passion for contemporary accessories and a burning desire to make the world a better place. We are privileged to partner with LOVEbomb  to present this  beautiful pendant and sterling silver chain and other amazing jewellery items in their collection. The ordnance dropped on Laos during bombing missions in the 60s and early 70s are being utilized by LOVEbomb to produce innovative and stunning jewellery designs. The Leaf Shape Pendant is cast from safely sourced bomb scraps by talented Laos artisans and manufactured under fair trade rules and conditions. Pairing it with a 45 cm sterling silver chain makes it a stunning ethical Christmas gift for the person you love the most.

    The non-traditional shape of the pendant is a reminder of destruction, rebuilding, and a hopeful future for local communities in Laos. A percentage of sales directly helps with safe land clearing efforts and supports artisans to adequately provide for their families and village development. 

    Friends “N” Stuff Black Canvas and Palm Leaf Weekender Bag 

    Friends ‘N’ Stuff is all about creating stylish, functional, and practical accessories using innovative methods and sustainable products that leave an inspiring environmental and social impact. The company places high importance on environmental conservation, creativity, and conscious consumerism, which help conscious consumers move forward in the right direction. 

    One of the hottest items from the Friends “N” Stuff collection is the  Black Canvas and Palm Leaf Weekender Bag. This bag is crafted from high quality canvas that protects all essentials from water damage and other external stressors. The spacious interiors can hold clothes and other items good for an entire weekend. The handwoven crisscross design and the soft organic touch of palm leaves complete its simple yet sophisticated look. The materials used in its construction are extremely durable, so you can look forward to using this timeless weekender bag for many years.

    LUXE GIFTS FOR HER – Hoa Tien Brocade Purple, Red, and Gold Striped and Fringed Silk Scarf

    This handwoven silk scarf is luxuriously soft, sheer, and lightweight. The handmade silk scarves from Vietnam are made from a combination of locally sourced silk and quality linen and are perfect for wrapping up oneself on cool summer nights or as a comfortable scarf year-round. This version features stunning purple, red, and gold stripes with fringes that add a gorgeous decorative touch to any outfit. With regular wear, the texture of the scarf softens and is further enhanced by use and age. The  Hoa Tien Brocade Striped and Fringed Silk Scarf is a good investment as silk remains to look good or even better over time, regardless of how much wear it has. 

    The makers of this exquisite scarf, the Hoa Tien Brocade Cooperative, is a fair trade initiative consisting of skilled weavers. Using locally sourced fabrics and natural colouring dyes, artisans produce one-of-a-kind gift ideas with superior craftsmanship. 

    Brass Leaf Shaped Pendant

    This exquisite Brass Leaf Shaped Pendant is an eco-conscious accessory created by the talented designer, Chantha Thoeun of  Angkor Bullet Jewellery Cambodia. The brand is known for transforming bullet shells into charming pieces by recycling brass components into Khmer-inspired trinkets such as pendants earrings, bracelets, and cuffs. 

    Simple yet elegant, leaf shaped pendants are skillfuly handcrafted by disadvantaged artisans who showcase their heritage through traditional Khmer craftsmanship and delicate designs. The elegant  Brass Leaf Shaped Pendant is made with versatility in mind. It’s a beautiful fashion statement that you can wear with pride during romantic dinner dates or quick grocery runs. The sleek and minimal design of this precious trinket makes it the perfect ethical Christmas gift for socially conscious women in your life. This stunning pendant is best paired with an equally brilliant set of earrings featuring the same leaf shaped design.

    Senhoa Gratitude Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Drop Pendant

    If you are looking for ethically produced jewellery made from superior quality materials with stylish designs, look no further. The  Gratitude Necklace with Swarovski Crystal Drop Pendant from Senhoa’s Crystal Collection hits all the right points. The design is both minimalist and unique. The rhodium plated chain perfectly complements the dazzling Swarovski drop pendant. It’s an elegant piece that you can wear for special occasions, important social gatherings, a meaningful gift for a family member or loved one. 

    As a fair trade and ethical jewellery brand,  Senhoa employs Cambodian women and trains them to be outstanding in their craft. The Clarity Collection, a collaboration between Senhoa and social media influencers, the Chin Twins, features brilliant jewellery items whose designs were inspired by the very same group of women who work hard to produce attractive pieces for other women. It is the hope of Senhoa to empower their female workers and encourage them to overcome adversities, such as poverty, abuse, neglect, and violence. This means that purchasing this lovely item will directly impact and empower the women and their children in Cambodia.


    Mat Archer’s beautiful Retrieve collection is great for daily city use, work, and travel and comes in a variety of bag designs and sizes based on what you need. Give your laptop a comfortable place to lay down and rest as you go about your daily life. This is the perfect ethical and sustainable Christmas gift for those who commute every day. 

    This eco-conscious  laptop bag can fit 13” and 15” laptops and is made from recycled felt materials and inner tyre tubing, both of which adds to the durability of this laptop case. This unique laptop case is made fairly and ethically by artisans in Thailand.  The Recovery collections are all made from products fabricated using excess materials crafted following sustainable and fair trade practices thus conserving water, saving energy, reducing pollution, and keeping useful materials from the landfill. 

    Sold out - more coming soon. Message to Pre-Order

    Friends ‘N” Stuff Black Flapover Wallet 

    Friends “N” Stuff is a social enterprise based in Cambodia that has been helping underserved families across the Southeast Asian region to earn decent income by training them to become excellent and highly skilled artisans. 

    The  Black Flapover Wallet is testament to the brands commitment to the no waste movement. The wallet is made from recycled inner tyre tubing. The sleek and clean lines of the wallet speak to men who prefer to keep things simple yet classy. The wallet interiors feature 10 card sections where you can safely keep your cards and IDs. You can never go wrong picking this good-looking and durable wallet. 

    If you love the planet, you will be pleased to know that Temples and Markets feature ethical and sustainable Christmas gift ideas at affordable prices. With demand for ethical products increasing with each day, rest assured that we will showcase more sustainable products from the noblest social initiatives in Southeast Asia. Temples and Markets makes ethical shopping exciting, insightful, and fun. With an impressive list of ethical brands and retailers to choose from, you can tick off your Christmas gift list in just a few clicks.

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