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    Australian consumers use 130 kilograms of plastic per person each year, with only 12% of it being recycled,  according to the WWF organization. Many people, especially those planning an overseas trip, tend to purchase items packaged in single-use plastics and later dispose of the waste in landfills or waterways. Plastic waste emits greenhouse gases, which affects wildlife, marine life, and increase the risk of human health disorders. For these reasons,  we should shop ethically, to ensure we reduce carbon footprint. 
    Travelling ethically
    The Best Suitcase is a Great Travel Companion 

    The right suitcase will make your travel experience from the airport to your destination hassle-free. So when  shopping for the perfect luggage, remember bigger is not always better. Settle for a 62 cm suitcase rather than a 72 cm one. With a smaller bag, you can quickly clear the weight limit at most airports and have an easy time lifting and lugging around. However, it is important to look for brands that provide the best quality, such as  Qantas suitcases for extended trips. Check the material to ensure it is made of recyclable textiles. Always avoid a suitcase made of PVC because when it starts to wear and tear, the plastic gets its way to your accessories and later in the surroundings where it takes hundreds of years to break down.

    Recyclable Clothing Promotes Sustainable Tourism

    Travelling can be tough on garments, especially when you pack light. Washing often affects the quality of your clothes, forcing you to purchase new ones. Instead of spending less on cheap travel gear, invest in high-quality clothing, footwear, and accessories designed for sustainability.  Buying recyclable clothes has many benefits not only for your pocket but also for the environment. 
    Mat Archer laptop case

    Settle for Eco-Friendly Toiletries

    It is tempting to pocket all the cute travel toiletries because of their appealing packaging. But if you are cautious about the effects of plastic, choosing  plastic-free toiletry supplies is the best option. Rather than buying toothpaste packaged in non-recyclable plastic, choose tooth powder. When you purchase body and hair bar soaps packed in lightweight tins, bamboo toothbrushes, and face wipes, you improve your lifestyle while protecting the environment. 

    Plastic bags are still part of the Australian shopping experience despite the ban on plastics. Fortunately, you have the power to go green in your home and even when travelling overseas. You only need to watch out for travel essentials made of recyclable material to reduce your carbon footprint where you go on vacation.

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