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  • mayo 02, 2019 2 lectura mínima

    A Mother’s Day gift is more than just a thank you. The careful curation of the bought gift shows just how much you love and appreciate your mum. For most mums, a sleep-in and time with her children will be all the gifts she needs. But a gift can be well received, especially if chosen thoughtfully. Mums love knowing the gift they have received has been made with love and will help them and the artisan who made it.  If you’re looking for the hottest  gifts for mums, which empower other women and are ethically produced, these are the products you need to add to cart.

    Something Practical

    Mums seem to carry all the things when caring for a family. The downsize from the baby bag is a very happy day in a mum’s life… until her kids grow and need her to carry drink bottles, snacks and WIPES! Yes, wipes are handy for all ages!

    Why not make all the running around easier with a bag that can carry it all?  Straw bags are not only stylish, they make for a practical tote when attending kids sport or hauling the forgotten essentials from the grocery store. They are easy to open and store all those things which are necessary to access. A  beach bag is just as handy for an everyday bag. It’s especially useful though for the family beach holiday or transporting the kids to swimming lessons.

    Something For Home

    When kids come on the scene, all the fine things in the home are put away. Why not gift mum with some lovely homewares? Things that are child-friendly (can’t be broken when dropped), but still look trendy on display?  For the mum who loves interiors or hosting a dinner party, she will certainly appreciate a  bamboo bowl for serving salad or used as fruit bowl. A  table runner would be just as appreciated as it can jazz up the family dining table and offer a sophisticated setting, not overrun by kids ‘stuff.’

    Something to Wear

    The  Zsiska Australia range of jewellery is definitely a gift mum will love to wear this Mother’s Day and beyond. If your mum loves colour and pieces that are uniquely crafted, she will adore a Zsiska necklace or bracelet. Each piece is unique and has been handmade. If your mum loves fashion and enjoys wearing jewellery, these pieces will be treasured.

    Make your purchase count this Mother’s Day. The gifts on these pages have a story to tell. They each tell the story of women’s empowerment and have provided freedom from human trafficking. These are the gifts mums will appreciate. Knowing the purchase will potentially affect another mother’s life in a positive way.   

    Browse Temples and Markets for beautiful and ethical gifts for mums.

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