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Unique Rose Gold and Silver Cufflinks - One of a Kind Beauty

Browse our curated  collection of handmade Cufflinks crafted in silver and rose gold and finished with unique eco-friendly materials. Like all our ethical gifts, our cufflinks aren't just beautiful, they're sourced from artisans for their exquisite quality and social impact.  So you can give a better gift, on every level.

Cufflinks to Match the Man

Our collection comes from the artisans of Singapore and the emerging names in men's jewellery design (read more here).  Like a woman's jewellery is a reflection of who she is, our collection his unique sense of style.  Choosing the right cufflinks for your special gift is simple, when the cufflinks make the man. Our Cufflinks make the perfect gift for the Groomsmen, for the Groom, for Dad or for the Boss. Select the perfect Cufflinks for a Wedding Day, Father's Day, Birthdays or Christmas.

Silver Cufflinks

For the man who chooses classic accessories in silver and white gold, start with a silver base to match his watch, his tie pin and his belt buckle.  The "silver" man is not ostentatious but shows just a little devil in the details.

Rose Gold Cufflinks

 Hip, contemporary and unafraid.  He's ambitious, creative and never misses a chance to shine.  Rose gold cufflinks can be paired with gold or silver jewellery to crate stand out highlights to his corporate work wear.

Brass Cufflinks

The Boho Bloke, the Hipster At Work, or the man who prefers golden accents to his work wear.  Our brass collection comes ethically sourced, inspired by the ancient temples of Cambodia and is ideal for the socially conscious guy who shines.  

His Colours

Cufflinks don't have to be the same-same, despite what you'd think from visiting high street stores in Australia.  Our curated collection is carefully selected to let you choose his colours.  Whether you're choosing based on his favourite ties, his soulful eyes or simply his birth stone, our colourful collection makes our rose gold, brass and silver cufflinks more personal and meaningful. 

With our selection sourced from artisans and social enterprises, every pair has a beautiful story.

Choose the cufflinks that tell his story.  


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