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Handmade, Sustainable & Artisan Bags

Remember that fabulous bag you almost bought in that bustling market on that amazing trip?  Regrets.  We've found it, and it's here for you at Temples and Markets. Every product tells a story and your new Temples and Markets bag tells the story of the little things you kept close when you travelled through beautiful Asia.  Why choose ethical bags?  We believe in sourcing products as beautiful as the places from which they came - and there's nothing beautiful about an Asian sweatshop!  So we bring you the very best of Artisans and Emerging Designers who hand make the unique bags you'll find in our ethical Bags collection. 

A collection as diverse as the cultures they support

Browse our exclusive collection of clutches, evening wear, cross body bags, everyday shoulder bags, roomy beach bags,  basket bags, exotic tribal bags, kids bags and laptop bags for men and women. But it's not just about the practical side of our beautiful collection - it's about design.  There's nothing worse than the same-same design in every store.  Your bag is a statement piece, don't let that statement be "average".  We bring you the latest on trend colours and designs - but with exclusive style.  Because you deserve to turn heads with fabulous things! 

About your new favourite bag

Every item in our collection tells a story.  It may be a story of environmental sustainability, of women's empowerment, of artisan families who pass crafts from generation to generation or of thriving design enterprises.  More than that it tells your story.  Every item is selected to take you back.  Back to that breezy resort.  Back to lazy days on pristine beaches.  Back to the bustling market places alive with the scent of street food. Take yourself back to that fabulous trip.  Whether it's a little batik chic, some contemporary leather-ware or exclusive designs from Valerie Cordier Bags of Hanoi or Malee Bags of Chiang Mai, your new ethical bag awaits.  Start drooling... shopping now.

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