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1月 02, 2019 1 min read

Remodista's has announced its 2019 list of Women2Watchin Business Disruption and Founder of Temples and Markets and the Pop Up Collective is excited to be on this formidable list.

From Remodista "The honorees are solving challenges that are complex and forward thinking in all areas of global business. This program helps our community of leaders and experts shine a spotlight on and think through solutions for problems that require innovation.  It brokers collaboration between subject matter experts and creates a cycle of feedback and shared insights. At the same time, we help curate and cultivate pioneer perspectives and up-and-coming voices in business.  As they hone their future-thinking perspectives, we plug them into perspectives, connections and celebrations that elevate them."

Judith has been recognised partly for her work in creating and growing the Pop Up[ Collective in Australia "Create shared pop up shops, concept stores and curated marketplaces. Combat empty shopfronts on the high streets...and good for local communities."

Women to Watch in 2019

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