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Future Traditions

Batik Black Shrugs For Women - The All Purpose Scarf and Cardigan in One

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 Batik fabric and traditional crafts meets contemporary urban style. We're so excited to launch this fabulously unique fashion accessory that every woman needs in her life. We're literally wondering how we lived so long without The Shrug For Women!  Shrugs for women, are like the frock with all the pockets, the pumps without the blisters, the bag for all occasions - finally, the cardigan and scarf we all need is available here in Australia.

The ONLY Shrug For Women

The Shrug is a Cotton Jersey Scarf with Arm Holes, meaning you can wear it as a Scarf but also as a cropped cardigan / bolero to keep your shoulders and arms warm. The perfect thing for in-between seasons and travelling.  Shrugs are women's new best friend, versatile, light weight and oh so hip.

Lightweight and soft the Shrug rolls up and fits in your bag so take it with you everywhere. When the temperature cools pop on the Shrug which ever way you fancy.  

Forget diamonds, shrugs are a girl's best friend

Simply so many applications for Shrugs - wear it on a plane trip, to a concert, over a strapless dress or If you'd rather, just wear it as a scarf.  And frankly, it's the perfect item for any woman living in Melbourne because seriously, what is up with that weather?  

The Absolute Perfect Gift for the Woman who has Everything and who loves all things unique.

Batik design, here in Australia

Each Shrug features Hmong indigo batik produced for Future Traditions in Moc Chau province, Vietnam.  Batik fabric is not only designed with cultural significance, they're well made and downright beautiful.  Of course, all batik fabric is sourced according to our strict ethical guidelines.  Learn more here.

  • Available in Black with Blue Trim 
  • See it in Batik Red Stripe
  • 1.4m long end to end and 25cm wide at widest point
  • Arm Holes allow you wear the Shrug as Cropped Cardi or a Scarf - the choice is yours
  • Featuring Batik Trim from the Hmong Women of Northern Vietnam

    Designer Batik Style For Australian Women

    Designer Cynthia Mann, originally from Melbourne but based in Vietnam for many years, integrates her love of traditional Vietnamese batik textiles with contemporary street wear throughout the Future Traditions collections.  The local H’mong women in the Northern Vietnamese Province of Moc Chau use their traditional crafts to produce the designer accessories commissioned by Future Traditions in our collection.

        • Made in Vietnam
        • 100% ethically sourced
        • Ships from Sydney 

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