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Future Traditions

Batik Fabric Boho Shrugs for Women

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Boho Style, Batik Craftsmanship

Shrugs - where scarf meets cardigan in Boho Style.  The Shrug is the accessory women have been waiting for.  Your morning cardigan becomes a scarf as the day warms up.  Available in black or in bold red and grey, Boho Shrugs are perfect for the hipster or for the practical woman who loves to be extra comfy.

So, what are Shrugs?

The Shrug is a cotton jersey scarf, finished in hand made Batik fabric, with arm holes.  You can wear it as a scarf but also as a cropped cardigan / bolero to keep your shoulders and arms warm. The perfect thing for in-between seasons and travelling.  And of course every Melbourne woman needs a shrug because what the actual shrug is with Melbourne weather anyway.

Where Boho meets practical

Whether you're wearing a scarf, wearing a cardigan or the sun is shining and you need to roll up this versatile little accessory and fit it neatly into your bag.  We love shrugs for women because women know the value of a practical garment that is also just a bit fab. The perfect gift for the practical woman in your life.  And let's face it, we're the practical gender!

Ethically sourced Boho Batik Fabric

We all love a little Batik style but anyone who's visited South East Asia knows that not all Batik fabric is created equal!  We love Future Traditions, designers of quality shrugs for women because they focus not only on creating well made, lasting products but they're 100% compliant with our strict ethical policies (learn more here). 

Each Shrug features Hmong indigo Batik fabric produced for Future Traditions in Moc Chau province, Vietnam.

  • Available in Red and Grey Stripe with Blue Batik Trim
  • 1.4m long end to end and 25cm wide at widest point
  • Arm Holes allow you to wear the Shrug as a Cropped Cardi or a Scarf - the choice is yours
  • Featuring Batik Trim from the Hmong Women of Northern Vietnam

  • About this unique Bohemian design

    Designer Cynthia Mann integrates her love of traditional Vietnamese textiles with contemporary street wear throughout the Future Traditions collections. Cynthia originally hails from Australia but is now an emerging textile artist in Vietnam.   The local H’mong women in the Northern Vietnamese Province of Moc Chau use their traditional crafts to produce the designer accessories commissioned by Future Traditions in our collection.

        • Made in Vietnam
        • Ships from Sydney 

        Customer Reviews

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        Red and Grey Shrug - I love

        I love my red and grey shrug. Very versatile as a scarf or a cardigan over a red top. Thanks T&M.