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Mango Wood Seated Buddha in Protection Mudra
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A serene Work of Art that will become a centrepiece wherever it is displayed. The Seated Buddha in "Protection" Mudra has been meticulously hand crafted using sustainable mango wood

  • Seated Buddha is 18.5cm high and 14cm wide 

Buddha in Protection Mudra: This mudra symbolizes protection, peace, and the dispelling of fear. It is made with the right hand raised to shoulder height, the arm crooked, the palm of the hand facing outward, and the fingers upright and joined. The left hand hangs down at the side of the body

Based in Siem Reap, artist Frederic has been inspired to create these unique sculptures after decades of travelling through S.E Asia and studying cultures, religions and histories. Each Buddha Figurine is a one off. 

Made in Cambodia

Ships from Australia

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