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Large Seated Buddha in Meditation Pose
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A Centrepiece Sculpture - Seated Buddha crafted from teak in a colour combination of Painted White and Natural Wood.

Simply Breathtaking Buddha Figure in Meditation Pose

  • Teak White Buddha sits 30cm tall and is 20cm wide

A stunning work of art that has been a year in the making; hand carved and hand painted by artist Frederic, based in Siem Reap Cambodia. Each Buddha Frederic creates has been inspired by his decades of travel through S.E Asia where he and his wife Marie have immersed themselves in the cultures, histories and religions of the region.

    Buddha in Meditation or Dhyana Mudra: The Dhyana mudra is known as the mudra of meditation, of concentration on the Good law, and of the attainment of spiritual perfection. According to tradition, this mudra derives from the one assumed by the Buddha when meditating under the pipal tree before his Enlightenment. Yogis still sit in this position today, as they have always done, during their meditation and concentration exercises. The Meditation Mudra is said to indicate the perfect balance of thought, rest of the senses, and tranquility.

    Each Buddha Sculpture is a One Off Creation and should be treasured in its new home

    Made in Cambodia

    Ships from Sydney 

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