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Freedom Single Band 2 Toned Bracelet with Lotus Charm


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Freedom Bracelets with  Lotus Charm will make a beautiful gift for Ladies, Men or Young Ones.

  • The 2 Tone Bracelets are available in a choice of 3 following colour combinations: Blue/Grey, Black/Grey and White/Grey
  • Wear one or wear all.  
  • Know you are making a difference to somebody's life when you buy these bracelets. 

Each Chance Freedom bracelet provides safe employment for survivor artisans and at-risk women in Cambodia. Profits from this initiative also fund the education and protection of street-working children and their families from human trafficking and exploitation.

A Lotus Flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom with breathtaking beauty, untouched by its impure surroundings. It is against this imagery that “Senhoa” was conceptualized to represent the women and children they work with.

The Senhoa lotus flower is an enduring symbol of innocence, resilience and hope.

Lotus Flower Bracelet is a upscaled designer take on the friendship bracelet and if you're an Ethical Shopper you will love yours

The Lotus Flower Freedom Bracelet ships from Sydney

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